New Hi-Density Mattress Topper Saves the Month!

Although we have what can be considered a big step up from the OEM RV mattress in our motorhome, we were beginning to get that achy back syndrome when getting up in the morning. It was getting to be no fun so to improve our comfort we attempted a few mattress pad products on the market with little to no benefit in the long run.

We initially purchased a mattress pad from Camping World and we tried that for a while but in time it was more of the same discomfort. The pad came out of a box which was unrolled and it just sat there. Other than the fitted sheet holding the pad down there wasn’t anything else holding it than gravity.

I did not see an equivalent product in CW’s inventory today so they must have dropped that manufacturer.

Next up was a foam topper that looked like an egg crate. It was about 2 inches thick and we used it for about a year but it was hardly any better than the last topper we had.  As this point we’re thinking that all toppers are going to be the same – disappointing and ineffective to say the least.

We were getting ready to get on the road last August/September and we were both cringing about sleeping on the RV mattress for the next 3 weeks to a month. We were actually thinking about getting a new mattress.

As the fates would have it, we went shopping at Sam’s Club for supplies and low and behold we saw yet another topper in a box. We both talked it over for a few minutes and came to the decision that we would have to do something so we bought the queen size product made by ComforZen. For $99.00, we thought that we would give it a shot.

I didn’t want this piece to be so much of an ad for ComforZen but the U-Tube video I believe will give you an idea as to what the product looks like and how it fits. In my opinion when you initially roll it out it feels like really thick pizza dough!

Concluding, we installed the topper about 4-5 weeks ago and went on the road with it in our motorhome. We have a full sized queen so it fit perfectly. As you see in the video, the topper comes with a mattress/topper fitted cover.

Getting up in the morning for both of us was in the past painful however using the new topper, we were actually relatively pain free in the morning and it was comfortable sleeping. We could not detect any odor as some others had reported in on-line reviews. The ratings on this topper are like 4.75 out of 5 and we concur with the ratings as well.

The ComforZen is definitely a keeper and we are glad that we went with the topper! We not only appreciate the low cost of the product but we also feel that we have saved $$ by not having to buy a new mattress.

For more information, See the specifications on the Sam’s Club webpage. The product is available by other vendors as well. (Amazon)

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