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Ask a non-RVer what boondocking is and you’ll get answers ranging from a new high-tech add-on for your smart phone to a communicable disease.  In reality boondocking is dry camping; camping with no services to support your RV.  While it may seem that an obvious reason to purchase an RV is to be self-contained and free to travel as you please, a surprising number of RV’ers have never actually given boondocking a try.

Boondocking can be extremely rewarding.  Amazing views, remote locations, peace and quiet and substantial savings on camping fees are just a few good reasons to give it a try.  Before you strike out into the wilderness however, consider spending a few nights unplugged closer to home. Learn your RVs systems and features and make sure that you have any needed equipment for longer trips.  Many boondockers have solar options or a generator available and pack a variety of other useful gear to make boondocking a comfortable pleasure.  Give boondocking a try and make the most of your RV’s features!

Here is an interesting discussion on the pros and cons of boondocking and some interesting ideas for great locations to camp. Boondocking or Campgrounds?


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Janet lives in the Pacific NW and loves to camp in out of the way places. Once an avid backpacker, the passage of time and the noticeably hardening ground convinced her to give RVing a try and she's never looked back.

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