Oregon Coast | Rare Beauty

Add the Oregon Coast to your “must do” list. Verdant landscapes, abundant wildlife and great camping are just a few reasons to dedicate 2 weeks to exploring this coastal wonderland.

Highway 101 winds up the coast hugging the Pacific Ocean shore, offering RV’ers amazing view of craggy bluffs and  wide sandy beaches.  Camping opportunities are abundant.  Numerous public and private campgrounds offer rugged camping or luxurious accommodations and the Oregon state park system is one of the best in the USA.  Interesting activities include whale sightseeing, historic light house tours (many are still operational) and even shipwrecks. Swimming, nature trails, wineries, cheese making and native American villages are all in close range to Highway 101 and travelers.

Traveling hwy 101 is not for those in a hurry.  Long sections are two lanes and 101 is main street to many small coastal towns.  While you can expect traffic lights and slow downs, the opportunity to see these beautiful old towns as a slower pace is a good tradeoff for delays.  Take some time to stop in at a local chowder house, check out a street fair or pull off onto one the many, scenic overlooks for a mid day picnic.  Here’s an interesting discussion about “not to be missed” coastal destinations: RVing the Oregon Coast

About Janet H

Janet lives in the Pacific NW and loves to camp in out of the way places. Once an avid backpacker, the passage of time and the noticeably hardening ground convinced her to give RVing a try and she's never looked back.

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