The Best Upgrade Begins With a Good-Night’s Sleep

Denver RV Supreme Euro Top Mattress Provides the Ultimate RV Solution

Over the past 12 years of ownership we tried at least 3 different RV mattress setups with only incremental success up until September of 2014.

This past January we travelled to Florida with intentions of attending the Tampa SuperShow.   While walking through the outside exhibitor spaces, we saw posters about a new RV product called the Denver Mattress.   The posters announced that the Denver is setting a new benchmark in sleeping comfort, it was being fitted as standard equipment on several coaches and that it is claimed to be best (non-air) RV mattress in the RV industry.

In our RV, our mattress was described as having pocketed coils, hi density soy foam, and double quilting.  Add to that we fitted a 3” high-density foam topper on top and we thought this would be the solution we were looking for.   The total thickness of the mattress sandwich at this point was more than 11 inches.  One thing that I failed to take in consideration however was the weight.   In everyday bed making for example, the mattress was noticeably heavy to move from one side of the bed platform to the other while tucking sheets.  In lifting the bed platform to access stored items, a broom stick was needed to hold up the bed.   Although we improved our mattress from a previous replacement, I was still experiencing aches and pains in the morning.


Our existing mattress was approximately 8 inches thick and was comprised of pocketed steel coils.  Over the top of this mattress a 3″ high density foam topper was added.  The topper itself added approximately 30 pounds of weight. 


The Denver RV Supreme Euro Top does not require a separate topper.  The top most 3 inches is called a euro top.  The euro top is made up of bio flex convoluted foam so it breathes better vs. a memory foam topper.  The Denver Mattress complete weighs less than the coil spring mattress without the topper.

After nearly 2 months of being on the road and concluding our stay in Florida, we were glad to be home and sleeping comfortably in our regular bed.   Lying there, the wheels began turning again.   The name Denver kept popping up in my mind and we decided that we would try to see if we could get a better sleeping experience in the RV.  In recent Press, RV Business wrote; “Denver Mattress Hospitality has partnered exclusively with Lippert Components Inc. to distribute premium mattresses to the RV industry through Denver Mattress Hospitality’s RV Division.”  In another article RVB wrote; “Based in Denver, Colo., Denver Mattress was recently recognized in a leading consumer magazine as a top-rated U.S. mattress manufacturer and retailer — ranking higher than RV mattress suppliers such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Stearns and Foster.”

I thought that there has to be something about the Denver that’s worth looking at and that’s exactly how the fates aligned themselves.  While processing vendor applications for our recent National Rally, I saw where Lippert Components reached out to us and stated that that they were wanting to attend our event as a vendor.    We were pleased to be able to provide the space and Lippert responded by providing commemorative rally goody bags.

In speaking with Lippert about the Denver, we were able to obtain a new 60×80 Denver Queen and all new bedding from the Lippert’ s RV Collection which included a quilted mattress pad, a set of micro fiber sheets & pillow cases and new pillows.   We received all of those items before the rally however we did not have the opportunity to sleep in the RV since we were finishing up our rally preparations.


The pocketed coil spring mattress was approximately 8″ tall.  When stacked with an additional 3″ high density foam topper the 2 pieces were approximately a foot thick and the additional weight was evident.


The 11″ tall Denver mattress with its Euro Top rises above the end table however the entire mattress is lightweight which relieves the load on the bed platform & the slideout and stays in place when the platform is lifted using the lift pistons alone.   

The Denver mattress arrived from the shipper in a 5 foot tall box.  After the bed platform was made ready, we placed the compressed, plastic wrapped roll on the platform and ripped off the security wrapper.  Within a second or 2 the Denver was completely unrolled and lying flat on the platform.  When I repositioned the mattress, I immediately noticed how much lighter the new mattress was.   As it sits on the platform, the Denver is 11 inches tall and the need for a foam topper was not required due to the pillow top that is built in to the Denver.   In my opinion, from just looking at the Denver, it appeared to be up to the task and we were anxious to begin using the mattress.

Over the top of mattress we fitted the RV Collection quilted mattress pad.  The pad acts as a cover and is an additional barrier between the sheet and the mattress which we feel is essential for longevity.  The microfiber sheet set is sized exactly for the 11” deep mattress and it fit like a glove.  Next we fitted the flat sheet however I always get reminded by my dear wife where exactly the hem is supposed to go.  Next a lightweight comforter was put on and we made up the pillows.  RV Collection offers different density pillows and we ordered a hard pillow and a soft pillow, I prefer a firm pillow.  The bed was now made up and ready to go however we would have to wait a few more days before our next outing.

The day finally came and we departed home, arrived at the campground and setup camp at the rally.  Later in the evening after an exhausting first day, we retired.   Initially skeptical while lying on the Denver, I was wrestling with the feedback that my body was telling me about the new mattress.   After being disappointed a number of times, I was trying to convince myself that the “too comfortable” feeling I was experiencing would be my new norm however I got used to that feeling very quickly.   What I found in use is that the Denver is supporting me but not to the point where it’s grabbing me like our previous mattresses and foam topper.  I hate that sinking feeling and the Denver didn’t do that.  My overall impressions were that I felt like I was being snuggled.   It took no time at all for me to fall asleep.


When the slideout is closed and the platform approaches the bedroom vanity cabinet, the 60″ x 80″ full queen sized Denver mattress fits perfectly on the existing bed platform.   Unlike our previous model motorhome, the 38G’s vanity cabinet allows us to setup a small rotating fan which moves a lot of air in the bedroom. 

Come morning, I cautiously got up out of bed, stood straight up and smiled.  No body aches!   That’s great I thought and we started our day.   We also both found that sleeping on microfiber sheets added immeasurably to our overall experience.   After having slept on the Denver every day for just about a month, I believe that this mattress is a keeper and we are glad to have it.

During the vendor days, Lippert Components invited attendees to try out the Denver Mattress and enter a drawing at their booth for a new Queen Denver Mattress.   Many members tried out the mattress and then gave their impressions and feedback.   In a drawing held later during the rally, a ticket was drawn and Mrs. Bev Morgan was the winner of a new Denver Mattress.  It was arranged that the mattress was going to be shipped up to their home in Wisconsin and she was thrilled to have won.

We certainly want to thank Lippert Components for attending our 2014 National Rally and we are looking forward to inviting them again to participate with us in 2015.

Some of the key bullet point s about the Denver Mattress are:

  • Lippert Components sells the Denver Mattress RV Collection exclusively.
  • Denver Mattresses ship free anywhere within the US
  • Lippert carries “RV sizes” i.e. short queens and narrow kings
  • They come with a 5 year non prorated warranty
  • They are made in the U.S.A (Denver, CO)
  • Unlike other companies who compress and roll mattresses, Denver Mattresses do not have that “smell” a lot of people complain about, Denver uses an all-natural rayon fire barrier vs. other companies who use a Boric Acid as their fire retardant which can be toxic.
  • Denver mattresses are tested with over 10,000 decompressions to simulate 10 years of use, you are not going to see the “dips” and “humps” that you usually see with other mattresses that come from the springs/ foam breaking down over the period of use.
  • The Denver mattress is described as an 11” RV Supreme Euro Top Mattress.  The first 9” is made up of a 1.8lb high density foam core; other mattress companies typically use a 1lb foam core so the Denver stands up against wear and tear much better.  The top 3” is called a euro top which is mated to the core for comfort; the euro top is made up of bio flex convoluted foam so it breathes better vs. a memory foam topper that tends to sleep very hot.


The Denver Mattress RV Collection features a stay put, 2″ quilted top, 100% cotton mattress cover whose filling is comprised of silk like, 350 thread count polyester fibers.   The spandex deep skirt pocket is designed for 14″ deep mattresses and a heavy duty elastic perimeter band assures the cover stays put.    Microfiber sheets & pillow cases are 100% cotton and feature a 300 thread count satin weave.  The fitted sheet is designed to fit mattresses of 16″ in depth.  Sheets are available in 4 colors and will accommodate all typical RV mattress sizes.    The RV Collection foam filled pillow is comprised of silk like, 350 thread count cloud like polyester fibers with a 350 thread count 100% cotton cover.  The RV pillows come in 2 densities – soft and firm.  

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Denver Mattress Hospitality Denver Mattress Hospitality
(Disclaimer:  The Denver Mattress and other items shown in this review were provided by LCI to develop this product review)


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