ReVo RV Leveler Makes Campsite Setup Easy for Trailers, Fifth Wheels

The myth of the perfectly level RV campsite continues to elude campers everywhere. One ingenuous RVer stopped looking for it and instead he invented the ReVo Leveler, an after-market RV accessory that helps trailer and fifth wheel owners position their wheels without getting out of the tow vehicle.

ReVo RV leveler

“I developed the ReVo Leveler to fill the void between bubble levels and fully automated leveling systems on the market today,” says inventory Larry Karan on the ReVo website. His new product aims to make campsite setup faster and easier in any terrain by:

  • displaying your levelness from left to right and front to back
  • showing how much jack extension is needed to become level before disconnecting your tow vehicle

Get Level, Just Press a ReVo Button

Karan says the ReVo doesn’t require any longer to integrate his product into your RV campsite set up routine. It only takes “about the time it currently takes you to set up your RV on a campsite, depending on your amount of experience. Level left to right, press a button. Raise your RV to a disconnect height, press a button. Level your RV front to back, press a button. Raise or lower your RV to a connect height, press a button.”

ReVo Leveler

For ease of use, Karan recommends carrying leveling boards that are 1/4” and 1/8” thick “because the display will show values in tenths of an inch. It’s easy to be exact when you know what to use,” he explains.

The device nests on an adhesive-backed permanent mount when in use and removed for storage when not. It installs without any special tools and doesn’t require drilling holes in your RV. Easily visible indicator arrows are visible from the driver side mirror, “Making level left to right a one person job, without getting out of the tow vehicle,” says Karan.

The ReVo doesn’t require any wiring modifications and runs on a rechargeable battery. A 12v car charger adapter and cable are included. Care should be taken when using the product as it’s an electronic device with sensitive instruments inside that shouldn’t be kept out away from water and other harsh climate conditions.

  • ReVo Leveler can be used on Bumper Pull Travel Trailers and 5th Wheel Trailers
  • Will tell you what board thickness and which side needs raised to be level left to right
  • Digital readout to display board thickness and jack extension
  • Arrows show direction of travel to level left to right, disconnect, level front to back, and connect
  • Can be used on the left or right side of the trailer

The ReVo Leveler is available on Amazon.

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