Can Sewer Solution Eliminate the Dirty Side of RVing?

Ah, RVing in the great outdoors. Gorgeous sunsets, campfires and . . . dump stations. Unfortunately RVing isn’t always fun and games. The dirty business of dealing with RV holding tank dumping is always an issue, but thankfully products like the all-in-one, affordable Sewer Solution RV macerator system eliminates some of the nasty aspect of RVing.

RV macerator system

Sewer Solution Spells Death for the Stinky Slinky

Even the newest RVer knows that not all dump stations are created equal. Some sewer dump drains are too far from where you park your rig, and some are even located on an uphill slant. This makes RV sewer dumping a difficult and sometimes messy chore when using a traditional 3” sewer hose, affectionately called a “stinky slinky” by many RVers.

RV macerator system

Motorized RV macerator systems help deal with these issues, but they are several hundred dollars to buy. As an alternative, RV product manfuacturer Valterra designed the Sewer Solution, a non-motorized RV macerator system that costs 1/3 the price of a traditional macerator because it doesn’t need electricity to dispose of black and gray waste in your RV tanks.

RV macerator system

The Sewer Solution gets rid of waste with a precision, high velocity solid stream water jet created with an ordinary garden hose. As waste moves out of your holding tanks, it gets drawn into the water jet. The powerful force “macerates” the waste to pieces then pumps it into through the thick-walled, 3/4” hose. For RVers with cast iron stomachs, you can watch it all happen through a clear window in the receptacle.

Sewer Solution Benefits

  • Easy to store, easy to use.
  • No more stinky slinky.
  • Allows dumping and cleaning without being exposed to raw sewage or smell.
  • Can even pump waste over a long distance or over a long hill by as much as 3′ above the tank.
  • Self cleaning and stores easily in a compact 14” spool.

Sewer Solution Drawbacks

One look into iRV2 Forum Discussions about the Sewer Solution reveal mostly positive feedback from real life users, with a few exceptions.

RV macerator system

We’ve been using our Sewer Solution now for over fifteen years nine of that fulltiming. Would not be without it. Never had a stinky slinky last that long. – ChiefNeon

No maintenance, no electricity and it will probably never need to have any parts replaced. And it’s about 1/2 the price of a macerator. Would not trade our Sewer Solutions for any electric macerator. – ctpres

I have a Sewer Solution but I only use it to dump at home where I have to string the hose up through a basement window to a floor drain. It works fine for that purpose. I don’t and wouldn’t use it in a full hook up campsite or a dump station. Reason? It takes too long AND it ‘slow drains’ the black tank. I want the black tank to empty quickly to help drain all solids quickly in a fast moving stream. I don’t want to tie up a dump station and feel my tank is cleaner with the ‘whoosh’ of the 3″ hose when I pull the valve open. – Bflinn181

If you’ve used this type of non-motorized RV macerator system, be sure to leave your own feedback below or in any of these ongoing iRV2 discussions about the Sewer Solution.

How to Use the Sewer Solution RV Macerator System

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