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moonridge 07-07-2012 12:58 PM

Aqua Hot Problem!!!! Help
On my way north from Southern California to Washington I had an encounter on the I5 with what some referred to as a dead alligator (piece of tire tread) probably from a semi-truck. I could not avoid it and it wiped out my exhaust plumbing for the Aqua Hot System. All that is left is the elbow and nipples that exit from the bottom of the unit. Iím reluctant to use it as is because of the possible emission of carbon monoxide in the coach. It happened near Sacramento and I was unable to find a place to do the repairs there. It was suggested that I take it to a muffler place thatís familiar with this type of exhaust system. Does anyone thatís familiar with the Oregon area of Grants Pass, Eugene or Coburg know of a good muffler place that could handle something like this. At the moment Iím staying near Redding, Ca and taking the weekend to decide what to do. Iím going to try Monaco Service in Coburg but donít know what to expect there.

Would appreciate any help on this, Thanks.

beaverfever 07-07-2012 01:22 PM

its not rocket science . any muffler shop should be able to do it. my buddy had his done at mienike

Roger Berke 07-07-2012 04:24 PM

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The exhaust system on your Aqua-Hot is made with automotive type exhaust pipe. As stated, ANY muffler shop can easily manufacture a replacement exhaust pipe for your coach.

Exhaust is setup like the drawing shown in attachment.

Make sure that the 1 1/2" standard plumbing pipe fittings that thread into the bottom of the Aqua-Hot are not damaged. If they are, they can easily be replaced with 'standard' black threaded pipe.

If you have to remake the entire exhaust, then I would recommend 1 3/4" ID pipe (or larger). The larger pipe will make your Aqua-Hot breathe much better.

Carefully check for coolant leaks. Sometimes damage like this will damage the metal boiler tank and make it leak.

You should not use the diesel burner on your Aqua-Hot until you get the exhaust repaired. You may use the electric side with no limitations.

- Roger Berke -

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