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dangme55 11-11-2012 08:25 AM

furnace valves etc where? 1990 allegro 'relic'
Hi all

About six months ago I bought a 1990 35 ft which I affectionately refer to as the relic.'

I have noodled out most things but now that it is cold my attention has turned to the furnace(s). I have two thermostats and what looks like two outside vents. Two furnaces were an option but I have looked and have several questions if anyone can help

1. I cannot find the gas shut off valves for the furnaces the schematic shows each furnace should its own.

2. I have two thermostats one in bedroom and one in main cabin. Only that bedroom has an off on switch. The front only has the temp lever.

Does one switch control on-off for both?

If so, do I have to run initial purge cycle sequence on each furnace in parallel - concurrently at first start up? That would make sense.

Anyone own one of theses oldies or owned one can help?

Many thanks!

trackman 11-11-2012 08:33 AM

Sounds like you have 1 furnace with 2 controls so you can set the temp from the front or rear. One of the vents may be the refirgerator. You may also have to clean out the burne tube for cob webbs and maybe dirt dobbers. Purging happens automaticaly at each startup

dangme55 11-11-2012 10:00 AM

thanks - still looking
Thanks tracman

I am in Georgia and it got a bit nippy last night. I have heat strips in both a-c units so we got along.

The two vents are on opposite sides one rr and one mid left. I have not found individual shut off valves but I did find interior access areas in rear closet and under sink.

I guess I will have to pull the outside panels to see what is really there.

I tried the purge cycle manually since the original documentation says to do it manually. I tried to run it after but I did not know there might be an auto purge cycle. Didn't wait 5 minutes because I got no heat.

I will try again with more patience:facepalm: If not I guess I will wait until we get home tomorrow to investigate by pulling the panels. We can get by with the heat strips for a day.

This will be the final trip before we winterize so I guess I can defer mx until we get home

Thanks again - finding out how everything works has been an interesting experience. I have all the original docs and schematics but they leave a lot to be desired.

May the road rise up to meet you ---


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