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Pigman1 11-13-2012 04:05 PM

New Baby's Gettin' Born
This morning I received the production schedule for our new 2013 Tiffin 43' Allegro Bus. Boy, am I stoked!!:D

We signed the deal with Colton RV at the Hershey RV show on September 12, but this one is not the standard Bus. We were able to get a number of major changes incorporated that took a fair amount of time to engineer, but she's locked on the schedule now. Drawings are done and chassis work starts Dec 6th. Main plant assembly is due for Dec 10-13, and paint Dec 14-20. The plant closes between Christmas and New Years, and final finish, QC, and inspections will be Jan 3-14. Ship to Colton 2 days, a bit of dealer prep and WE're OFF. Could be earlier if it comes off the line clean.

We intend to go to the plant for a part of the build (and a ton of pictures). Without a doubt, this will be the last RV we buy, but we're getting EXACTLY what we want. Then all I have to do is all those little mods that make it a real home instead of something out of a box, but that's half the fun. Lets hope we DON'T see any blizzards when we drive from Delaware to Tonawanda, NY (north of Buffalo) to puck it up.:dance::dance::dance:

Oh, did I say I'm stoked?:facepalm: Well there! I said it again in case you missed it. ;)

SteveB2 11-13-2012 05:06 PM

You are a lucky, lucky man!

Enjoy gliding down the road........

MarkofSJC 11-14-2012 05:49 PM

No fair teasing us!!!

So what changes did you incorporate (and how many bags of cash :eek:did it cost to do them?)?

How open were they to making the changes?

Come on ~ spill it!


Pigman1 11-14-2012 06:52 PM

We boondock extensively, both in the southwest in the winter and summers in Alaska. Because of this I wanted a large coach without the hydro-hot system. A long story, but about 4 years ago I did an energy audit on the system for heat and hot water the way we live, and found it was about half as efficient as using gas hot air heat. We talked to Bob Tiffin last year in Quartzsite and he indicated he might be amenable to putting a 43' Allegro bus together without hydro-hot, and adding a hot water heater and 2 forced air heaters. This also meant fairly extensive wiring changes, routing of gas lines and a larger LP tank among other things. We also wanted to get a refrigerator without ice and water in the door and to remove the rear wall TV.

When Colton RV saw we were serious about our needs and about the Tiffin Bus, they contacted Bob, the Tiffin sales folks and the Tiffin engineers. New Bus is on the way. Actually, there was no additional cost because we were really removing things rather than adding. Of course we didn't get a rebate either, but I felt the Colton deal was acceptable. They wanted to sell and we wanted to buy and had a desirable trade in.

One additional item we wanted removed (not put on) was the Diamond Shield on the front. I removed it from our present Bus and am very glad I did. I can fix paint chips, but not when they occur under the Diamond Shield. That request actually prompted a personal phone call from Bob to be sure it was what I wanted. When I assured him it was, it was not a problem. We actually don't go naked when driving the gravel especially in and en-route to/from Alaska. We use a bra made by Coast Line Cover from California. When we get this one for this new Bus it'll be our 5th bra from them. Two for our coaches and 3 for our toads.

Needless to say, we are VERY pleased with our present Tiffin Bus and this is why we went Tiffin again. Of course the overall features and look of the new Bus had a big thing to do with it as well. A bit of a wait, but we were willing to do it to get just what we wanted.

vito.a 11-15-2012 02:34 PM

Congrats on your new home. I certainly hope you’ve thought this through. Energy content of 1 gallon of propane is 91,500 BTU. Energy content of 1 gallon of diesel is 130,500 BTU. My coach holds 150 gallons of diesel and the propane tank is 30 gallons, but can only be filled to 80%.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but after owning a coach with a propane furnace I will never own one again. It dries out the interior air so much it literally chokes you when you breathe. When the propane tank is low it requires breaking camp and driving the coach to a propane service station to fill. I just paid $2.99 per gallon for propane last week, so the price has gone up dramatically in the last two years.

Aqua Hot does not dry out the interior air and it is easy to add diesel 5 gallons at a time, or I have the option of using electrical power. I can also pre-heat my engine before start, or use the engine as I’m driving to provide heat. My wife also enjoys the almost unlimited amount of hot water Aqua Hot provides. Even with the optional 10 gallon propane water heater, two people in a row cannot use the shower without recovery time in between. Aqua Hot is near the top of my must have list.

Best of luck!

Pigman1 11-15-2012 03:07 PM

Yep. Thought it through completely. You're only looking at the propane/diesel part of the equation. How about all those fans, pumps and heat lost through inefficiencies in heat exchangers and other issues such as ease and cost of maintenance and loss of space. As I said, I've done the calculations on the entire RV where and the way WE live, and the hydro-hot isn't even close. When I talked to the engineers at Tiffin for just a bit, they understood just what we were talking about. I'm sure that's why they were willing to build it for us. I don't break camp for more propane, and at close to $6 a gal for diesel in Alaska, numbers tend to change their relationships somewhat. By the way, when you're boondocking, having an unlimited supply of hot water doesn't help with a limited supply of water and waste tank space. We go 14 days on internal tanks and waste space. It's 10+ miles just to dump in some of the sites we use, so you don't want to be doing that daily. In very cold weather, we find more problems with excessive moisture in the rig than it being too dry. Perhaps the Tiffins are too tight? We almost always have a vent cracked to control excess moisture issues inside.

As I said, it's what we do and where and how we do it.

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