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Scarab0088 01-22-2013 02:02 PM

OUTLAW Mods and Easy Fixes
The "I love my Outlaw" thread just exceeded 700 posts:

And, Thor recently released the 37LS and 37MD, so I think a new thread about things we do that would improve the Model would be very useful.

So, post what you have and share for the common good:thumb:

- EDIT -
I am cataloging the mods listed in this thread and the Outlaw Love thread in this first post. These are Gen1 and Gen2, so some might not apply to your Outlaw. If you see one I missed, please PM me.

Reference Table (Alphabetical Order):

Air Conditioner, T-stat move

Awning, Sunscreen
Awning, Lighting
Awning, Rear, Mount repair

Basement, Bin Lift
Basement Bin Lifts
Basement Bin, prop-rod clip
Basement Bin, Prop Rod clip

Bathroom, towel hooks

Bath, remodel

Batteries, Bigger, Gen1
Batteries, Bigger, Gen1
Batteries, Add 4, Gen1
Batteries, Bigger, Gen1
Batteries, Added 2, Gen1
Batteries, Add 2 to Gen 2 House bank
Batteries, Add 2, Gen2
Batteries, Mechanical Disconnect
Batteries, monitoring

Battery Control Center Solenoid - dissection

Body, decal replace/repair
Body, partial decal removal
Body, decals removed
Body, hood decals R&R

Bug Screen, Aftermarket

Bunk, overcab, fascia renovation

Cabinet, hardware

Chassis, Workhorse, fuel filter
Chassis, Steering Damper
Chassis, Steering Damper, repair
Chassis, Sway Bar, Aftermarket

Chassis, Alternator

Cockpit, sidewall storage
Cockpit, Extra 12V Outlet/Socket

Cover, RV

Dashboard Mounts
Dash Switches
Dash, Fan, HVAC

Dash, trim

Design Element, Art Work

Dinette to Credenza
Dinette to dining table
Dinette to Dining Table
Dinette Storage
Dinette Storage

Deck, Xtend-A-Room

Don's Deck - The Original
Don's Deck Version
Don's Deck Version w/ Xtend-A-Room
Don's Deck Versions
Don's Deck Version and DIY Fence
Factory Don's Deck fence, source
Don's Deck Version
Don's Deck - Waterproofing

Doghouse, insulation

Drawer, latch upgrade

Electrical, Surge Protection
Electrical, Remote Control

Entertainment, Radio, Exterior - Early Gen I Details

Entertainment, Sound Bar
Entertainment, TV Sound Bar

Entertainment, TV R&R
Entertainment, TV R&R
Entertainment, TV R&R
Entertainment, TV R&R
Entertainment, TV new 42"
Entertainment, TV new 46"
Entertainment, Loft, TV Mount
Entertainment, Over-Door TV R&R
Entertainment, Over-Door TV OEM improved
Entertainment, Over-Door TV
Entertainment, Over-Door TV remount
Entertainment, HDMI to Main TV

Entryway Door Lock (Trimark 16-650 Failure)
Entryway Door Lock, Power/Bauer
Entryway Door, Bauer Lock
Entryway Door, Bauer Lock, Paint
Entryway Door, 2017-later, Lock Upgrade

Entryway, Railing
Entryway, Trap Door
Entryway, Trap Door

Fireplace, in-wall

Flooring, New R&R

Front Quarter-Panelitus
Front Quarter-Panelitus
Front Quarter-Panelitus
Front Quarter-Panelitus

Fuel, Cap

Fueling Station
Fueling Station
Fueling Station
Fueling Station, pump rebuild

Furnace, venting

Garage AirCon
Garage, AirCon
Garage, Aircon
Garage, Aircon
Garage Floor, inside factory peak
Garage, Floor mounting, Hardware
Garage, floor winch
Garage, Flooring Replacement
Garage, Loading Idea
Garage, Motorcycle chocks
Garage, Motorcycle chocks
Garage, Motorcycle, B&W Biker Bar
Garage, Side Access, Compartment Door
Garage, Storage Cabinet
Garage Wall Plating
Garage, Murphy Bed
Garage, rear wall add-on

Garage, use as styling studio
Garage, use as MotorSports shop

Garbage Can, Damon OEM


Generator, Recall, fuel system
Generator service
Generator, Exhaust hanger


Interior, Neutral tone to White
Interior, color change continued
Interior, color change continued
Interior, Color Change Finished

Inverter upgrade
Inverter upgrade
Inverter Upgrade

Kitchen, Tile Backsplash
Kitchen, Remodel
Kitchen, Outdoor

Leveling Jacks

Lighting, Driving Lights
Lighting, docking
Lighting, Exterior
Lighting, foglights
Lighting, Exterior, Driving Lights
Lighting exterior, R&R LED
Lighting, Exterior, R&R LED
Lighting, Interior, LED
Lighting, Scare Lights - amber
Lighting, Headlight Replacement, '07
Lighting, LED Headlights
Lighting, LED Marker Lights

Loft, Expansion
Loft Stair Hand Rail

Microwave, Replacement

Patio (Ramp/Deck) cover

Plumbing, Black Tank Flush
Plumbing, Black Tank Flush, Add'l Flush
Plumbing, Black Tank Flush, Air Gap
Plumbing, Dump Valves Outlet
Plumbing, Dump Valves Yoke, Pivots
Plumbing, New Faucets
Plumbing, New Faucet, Kitchen
Plumbing, Vent replacement
Plumbing, vent repair

Propane, Add portable tank(s)

Refrigerator, Circulation Fans

Renovation, full interior, MD to Residential Version

Roof, Skylight replacement

Roof, Deck
Roof, Deck
Roof, Hatch
Roof, Vent, Fantastic Fan Motor
Roof, Rack

Screen Door, Handle
Screen Door, Handle

Skylight replacement

Sleeping Options
Sleeping, Over-cockpit bunk details
Sleeping, DIY MurphyBed
Sleeping, DIY Murphy Bed

Shelving, Add-on


Spare Tire

Steering Wheel Cover
Steering arc loss

Stinky Slinky Storage

Storage, Cockpit
Storage, Cockpit
Storage, Cockpit
Storage, Wardrobe top
Storage, Wardrobe top
Storage, Bathroom
Storage, Bath cabinet top

Suspension, Ford Sway Bar

Tankage, Black Tank Flush

Title/Registration Correction

Towing, Lighting, Trailer Adapter

Vent, kitchen exterior, replacement

Wall to Floor Separation FQP (Front Quarter Panelitis)
Wall to Floor FQP
Wall to Floor FQP

Washer/Dryer - Garage
Washer/Dryer, Garage

Water pump, screen cleaning


Windshield Edge Separation (GEN I)

Windshield Wiper Protection
Windshiled Wiper RECALL

Window, Glare reduction
Window, Insulation


Wiring, House, Battery Connection -WARNING-


Outlaw 29H Mods

Links outside iRV2:
Hula Hut

Note: Some posts linked here had photos from third party hosting. These hosts can cut third party sharing, so the photos were lost. Apologies.

Scarab0088 01-22-2013 06:16 PM

Fireplace and BIG TV
3 Attachment(s)
I'll go first:

Attachment 32467

Attachment 32468

Attachment 32469


Originally Posted by Scarab0088 (Post 1346420)
So, what's better than a nice warm fireplace!;)

The TV and this piece of wall are just behind the main slide in our Damon Outlaw. The fireplace is all electric with a remote to control the 3 heat settings (cool, 750Watt & 1500Watt) and the flame effects (visuals) are on a 7 setting dimmer, using only 2 nightlight bulbs.

I saw a fireplace in a BIG 5th Wheel at an RV show this past summer and just knew I had to have one in my Class "A"!:thumb:

DGBPokes 01-22-2013 07:43 PM

Can you share info. About your fireplace/heater.....brand, model, supplier, price? Thanks

Scarab0088 01-22-2013 10:01 PM


Originally Posted by DGBPokes (Post 1439720)
Can you share info. About your fireplace/heater.....brand, model, supplier, price? Thanks

Sam's Club or Big lots - see:

On EDIT - factory direct retail is now available - See


Originally Posted by Scarab0088 (Post 1348290)
I bought one that was very simple to add to a flat wall. It's sold for wall mount or table stand. I was very careful to get a very thin unit so I didn't have to relieve it into the wall to clear the slide.
In this picture, the glass face is off and the "crystals" are not yet in the display:
Attachment 28130

I did move the 110VAC plug down so we could still use the bottom outlet if needed. It only takes mounting 4 brackets to hold the corners and plugs into the wall outlet.
Here is a phone pic from the store display...
Attachment 28131
BTW; We got it for even less on 20% Buyer Club Day (the Mrs. is a super bargain shopper!):thumb:

BpK9Miami 01-22-2013 10:55 PM

Outlaw Mods...
I put most of my older modifications into a Blog (link in the signature line), but have some additional ones I just completed recently to add.

Battery Monitor for house and chassis, and added Marine deck lights to provide foot well and other spot lighting on switched power. I'll have them up shortly.

Great idea Steve, to post all these in one spot. :thumb: :bow:

One of the really nice things about the Outlaw is how creative you can be to make it your own!

Scarab0088 01-23-2013 12:56 PM

TV over the entry door
Since older Outlaws did not have the optional TV over the entry door, Tony (GTS) added his own.

IMG 0865 - YouTube

It gives the passengers entertainment while the slide is closed and is legal while the RV is in motion in states where the driver is not allowed to watch TV on the road.


Originally Posted by Scarab0088 (Post 1350312)
Here's a link to a video of Tony's TV install over the door...looks great!

For all our "newer" Outlaw owners, we only have a cabinette above the door. Damon changed that in 2009 or 2010 I think.
IMG 0865 - YouTube

Scarab0088 01-24-2013 01:20 PM

Ramp into a Deck
1 Attachment(s)
The 2013 Outlaw 37LS and 37MD will come from the factory with the ability to use the ramp as a deck (even with railings)...but DGShaffer did it first:bow::

Attachment 32586

Scarab0088 01-25-2013 01:23 PM

Garage Seating/Dining/Sleeping
3 Attachment(s)
Gone with the legacy 3611 and 3808 is the "Electric Queen Lift bed" that stowed in the Garage overhead. It was not the best, being a full width (side to side) seat/bed that blocked access through the garage.

And while the new 37LS and 37MD are advertised to have a new set-up (aligned front to rear) convertable seating in the garage...Just like the Ramp/Deck, current owners did it first.

Here's some pics of Tony's (GTS) set-up:bow:.

Attachment 32631

Attachment 32632

Attachment 32633

For our Canadian neighbors - I read that your RV standards and laws prevent the installation of a "bed" in a toyhauler garage because of the risk of exposure to toxic fumes while sleeping..hence the very cool 3612 (w/ Murphy Bed) was never available there. I don't know the validity of this source, but if it is true, DON'T DO THIS MOD;)

Here in the US, they just put a sticker on the garage door that says "Do not sleep in this space due to risk of...blah, blah, blah":blush:

Scarab0088 01-26-2013 11:08 PM

Easy Fix - Door Stoppers
2 Attachment(s)
My bath and garage doors were always bumping into each other, so I installed a door stop...

...A very simple (and cheap) fix, and with the right alignment it works on both doors:

Attachment 32689

Attachment 32690

Scarab0088 01-27-2013 02:58 PM

2 Attachment(s)
On my 3611 there was a blank panel below the wardrobe:

Attachment 32698

I understand that some folks have a factory installed power inverter behind that panel...not, I made that space into a cubby hole. It's a perfect place for a cubby, with close access from the kitchen, bath, and garage door:

Attachment 32699

Scarab0088 01-28-2013 07:33 PM

Dinette Seat Door
3 Attachment(s)
Borrowing from another members idea (THANKS! Dropframe);
I made the dinette seat sides open like a cabinette door. SO MUCH easier to load and access stuff under the seats! And no dead space above and below from installing a drawer.

Attachment 32764

Attachment 32765

Attachment 32766

focker 01-28-2013 08:09 PM

Lowe's has these on sale for about $20 so I am thinking about putting one or two of them in the bathroom cabinet against the wall that goes to the exterior of the coach. Is there any special precautions I should take to using small screws on those walls? Rev-A-Shelf 4231-14-52 14" Wood Door Storage Tray W/ Screw in Clips - Wood/Wire: Home Improvement

Scarab0088 01-28-2013 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by focker (Post 1446036)
...I am thinking about putting one or two of them in the bathroom cabinet against the wall that goes to the exterior of the coach. Is there any special precautions I should take to using small screws on those walls?


There should be no issue as long as you keep the screws shorter than the thickness of the wall. I have screwed into that wall of my coach for the HDMI cable run mounts (coming here soon).

I suggest that you pre-drill for the screws because there are metal frames in the wall and the frame rails are hard to locate. If you hit metal - no problem, just switch that screw to one for metal vs. the wood screws that will probably come with the shelves.

BEST LUCK and please post the project here...that would be great!

Scarab0088 01-29-2013 07:23 PM

Wardrobe Bar Keeper
1 Attachment(s)
The Wardrobe in my Outlaw had a hanger bar that was open at one end to pop-off the mount. All of our hanging stuff was in a pile after one serious bump -> so probably the easiest and cheapest fix there is:

One short screw though the mount and into the bar:
Attachment 32794

After doing this I saw that "ctpres" did it in his Daybreak!
I guess, great minds do think alike! - haha

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