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joshluke 02-04-2013 03:05 PM

Our 2013 Columbus 385Bh has arrived
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It has been a while since we ordered it but were not in a hurry as our camping season was over. We got the call that it has come in from the factory. Soon we have to go and do the PDI. We are so excited. We made one change to the trailer and that was to order it without the outside kitchen. We felt that it was not a real outside kitchen without the stove and the inside bunk because of the outside kitchen was real "Mickey Mouse". Our 10 year old and 6 year old boys were already fighting over the only couch in the kids room so that made our decision up quickly. We have mirrored the bunk and couch. So now they each have a bunk and a couch each. No fighting over the couch any more, but am sure they will find something else to fight over.

Now for the truck. I am looking at a 2013 F350 lariat SRW 6.7 diesel. Really don't want to drive a dually as an everyday truck that is why i am getting the SRW. I am sure that the truck that I am looking at will pull it. I know the dually would have no problems but a little to much as an everyday vehicle.

TXiceman 02-04-2013 07:38 PM

You need to check the pin weight on the trailer (it will be about 20% of the trailers GVWR) and see if the GVWR of the truck with SRW will carry the pin weight. The truck needs to be considered loaded for travel with full fuel, all passengers, tool box and add 150# for the 5er hitch.

We are towing a 36' Cameo with a GVWR or 16,050# and a SRW will not carry the pin weight when loaded. My crew cab 2012 F350 DRW weighs 8810# on the scales with full fuel, me, the wife, hitch and tool box. My hitch weight is pretty close to 3200# which puts us at 12,200# gross vehicle weight. The GVWR on my DRW is 13,300#.
The Columbus 385 has a GVWR of 15,940#, but the 1940# has to be an unloaded pin weight. Most of the storage is in the large areas forward of the axles so cargo will add considerably to your pin weight. I would expect your loaded pin weight to be in the 3200# range as well. Using the ratio of the unloaded pin and the unloaded weight, and carrying that to the GVWR with the same ratio, the pin weight will approach 2620#. With the truck loaded, add 2620 and see if you are still under GVWR for the truck.

So do the home work and make sure your SRW will have enough GVWR for the 5th wheel you are getting.

We need some photos of the new trailer to drool over.


JIMNLIN 02-04-2013 08:41 PM

The '13 F350 SRW has up to a 11500 GVWR with a 7000 RAWR and up to 16k tow rating and over a 4k payload capacity.

The '13 3500 SRW GM has a simular GVWR/RAWR and tow ratings and payloads..

The '13 Ram SRW has up to a 12400 GVWR and 7000 RAWR and similar tow rating as the Ford and GM but has up to a 4500 lb payload.

All above depends on the trucks configuration.

Be careful about using GVWR of any of the new gen trucks to determine pay loads on the rear axle. In some cases using just GVWR has over loaded the trucks rear axle/tires.

Use Fords clicky to determine which F350 SRW suits your needs

joshluke 02-14-2013 05:21 PM

Thanks for the advice. I decided that I am going to get a 2013 F350 lariat dually or go for the 2013 F450 lariat. I am sure I am ok with either.

Pullin' Chocks 02-14-2013 05:33 PM

Joshluke it looks like you will be all set. The changes you made sounded very wise. We just got the 2013 F-450 DRW because we thought we need the weight capacity with a 21,000 GVWR on our trailer. We love the truck, but she is a big beast. The turning radius is significantly better than the 2001 Chev 2500 crew cab long bed that we had. That does make a big difference in how you can maneuver in the F-450, but she is large esp the DRWs and won't fit into all of the everyday places. Have fun!

joshluke 02-14-2013 06:02 PM

Thanks. I thought so. The price was not much more to go to the f450. One of my best friends owns a ford dealership and I am getting the truck at dead cost. So with that in mind I am going to load the truck with a lot of toys. I drove one and you are so right, it's a monster. But I was very surprised how nice it drove for such a big truck. Not sure about the states but here in Canada I don't see a lot of 450's on the road. A lot of 350's. I guess I have to buy a golf cart to tow since I won't be getting prime parking spot anymore. I have to park 1/4 mile away from everything and then use the cart, lol.

wincrasher 02-14-2013 06:22 PM

I tow my 320 with a 2500hd SRW and it tows beautifully. Loaded pin weight, including built in generator and washer/dryer (upfront) is right at 2500lbs. The 320 has a higher pin weight than the 385.

If you want a gigantic truck, that's fine, but I don't think it's necessary.

joshluke 02-14-2013 07:17 PM

I also have the washer and dryer in the front as well. Should put me close to 2500 pin weight. My gvwr without the washer and dryer is 15,940 so now i am we'll over 16,000 plus anything I put in it and almost 42 feet long. The 320 gvwr is 14000lbs but then you have to add the generator and washer and dryer,we are pretty close in weight but yours is 37 feet. Not really sure if 5feet makes much difference. I was originally looking at a f350 SRW and people on the forums were and are telling me that that I need a dually not the SRW for more stability and safety. We want to do some traveling with it so I figured if I have to get an f350 dually might as well go for the f450.

wincrasher 02-14-2013 07:28 PM

Well it's your money, get what you want. The folks on these forums usually are saying anything less than a semi tractor is really unsafe.

Length does play a part in what your pin weight will be. The distance from the pin to your axles (and how much is behind them) is probably why the dry pin weight on the 385 is less than what they quote for the other models.

joshluke 02-14-2013 07:32 PM

I will thanks.

tuffr2 02-15-2013 08:00 AM

Todays trucks are really great. You can't go wrong with any new truck.

Sounds like you are leaning toward a F-450. The F-450 has larger brakes then the F-350, wider front track which allow the wheels to be turned sharper, and 430 gears. The tires might also be different as it also sits 1" higher. I parked my F-450 next to a F-350 on the dealers lot. Same color so no optical illusion - it was easy to see the wider front track and the hight difference. The front fenders have t
he extra flairings to cover the wheels.

I have a 2012 F-450 and kind of love it. Get the 5th wheel package with the under bed rails. Oh, I removed my hitch myself once but since always ask for help as it is a heavy bugger.

It tows really great. I have a Mor-Ryde pin box. I say this because this is my 1st 5er so I don't known what it is like to tow w/o it. But my 37 foot rig goes down the road really nice.

There is plenty of stability, power and control. I towed from Florida to central Ohio - it was a non-event!!. No white knuckles at all. I then towed from Ohio the western Pa. and back. There are some mountians on the route...I think. Anyway it went up the mountain at 65mph and for a test I accelarated to 70mph going up a 6% grade. I averaged 10.6 mpg on the 1,000 tow from Florida and 10.3 mpg on the 280 miles from Ohio to Pa.

Driving the truck solo it seems it needs another gear since the 430 rear end is for towing.

I would have bought a F-350 if I could have found one with Nav. I was looking after the Tsunami hit Japan. Nav systems come from Japan so none of the F-350's had a Nav system but I found a F-450 with Nav and bought it. Now glad I did.

Also the extra walking I do from the truck to the stores I lost 5 lbs.!!!

Good luck

joshluke 02-15-2013 07:47 PM

Thanks for the great reply. Yes i am really leaning towards the 450. I know it may be a little too much truck but when I drove I really really liked it. It just felt right. I am a little nervous about driving it everyday but I guess I will not know until I try it. Another reason is that my neighbor has the 350 and we can't have 2 of the same truck next door.

rugersdad 02-17-2013 08:46 PM

Getting the dually is a good call and makes towing a large camper feel much more stable. It was easy getting used to after driving a SRW .

Dawwg 03-13-2013 10:01 PM

I just ordered a 365RL with a pin weight of 1910 without washer & dryer. I hope to not go over 2200-2300 pin weight to stay under the 10,000 weight on my 2012 Ford 250 6.7 diesel. I am planing on taking off the spare tire and anything else that can help meet the weight. We will see, might take a lot of pre planning on loading. Ha!

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