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RV Dude 01-07-2005 02:46 AM

Man, and I was inpressed at how well my new Dmax pulled! Congrats on the new TV.

Garth 01-07-2005 05:03 PM

MN Cummins Lvr-

No not an N14, although that big block would be great. It's an ISM @ 400hp and 1450 ft/lbs torque.


I suppose that could be done, but I'm not going to see how much more $$$'s I can spend. Instead, the electrical wiring just takes some readjusting for the lights and I'll install a regular RV brake controller.

I can't install the Prodigy because it's worthless with the hydraulic brakes on the 5er. It will cause damage. Instead, I'll just stick with my current controller (Activator III) or investigate the Brakesmart. If the Brakesmart is compatible, I'll go with it.

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