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Meurigd 01-20-2014 09:11 PM

Phaeton 42ft
Sold our Meridian a year ago, now thinking about a Phaeton. Cannot afford a new one, but looking at a nice 2008 42ft Phaeton at the moment, low mileage. However, I don't have any experience with a tag axle 42 ft coach (the Meridian was a 36ft). Would appreciate any advice/ information/ precautions from owners regarding driving, general info, maintenance, comments on the 42ft Phaeton, tag axle. Also the Cummins ISC 8.3L. Diesel mileage ? 6mpg ? 8 mpg? (the Meridian had a CAT 350, I averaged 8 mpg towing, with a motorcycle on a hydralift on the back). Having driven a 36ft Class A for 6 years, I don't anticipate any problems moving up to 42ft, as far as the driving is concerned, and the more space inside the coach the better I think. But what about RV parks ? Do owners encounter any problems with a long coach and a toad on the back? What are the other disadvantages with the 42ft length ? We are not fulltimers, but probably will use the coach 3-4 months per year. Thanks for any info or advice.

luvlabs 01-21-2014 07:08 AM

You will probably get better responses to your question at Tiffin RV Network.

FDchief 01-22-2014 07:59 AM

We are proud owners of a 2011 Phaeton 42QBH and live in it fulltime. We love this floor plan, but it didn't come out until '09. We weren't in the market for a bath and a half, but after having one we would never go back to one bath. Went from a 34' coach to this one without any issues. I have found this coach handles very well. In fact it turns as well or better than a 40' chassis due to the drivers being a little closer to the steer axle. With that said you do lose a little basement storage but that hasn't been that noticeable to me.

None of the longer coaches are rocket ships. The higher HP units are heavier and need the larger engine to move them down the road. It's weight going down the road weighs right at 35,000 lbs. My coach runs great and it never has made me feel as if I am driving a Volkswagen bus. As far as MPG, I consistently get around 7.4, and near 8 if I am going down hill or pushed by a good tail wind! I tow a Jeep GC and have not had any problem with getting into RV parks. With that said, we try and locate parks that accommodate big rigs.

I highly recommend a tag axle, it really helps stabilize the rig on the road and the added set of brakes give the coach better stopping power. And the two stage engine braking is another bonus that you won't get with a 40' Phaeton. This is one of the few coaches with an ISC to be so equipped. I highly recommend the Spartan chassis over the Freightliner (FL)as they seem to sweat the details a little more. It's kind of like Ford vs. GM sort of thing. In my past life at the Fire Department we had both, and a few notable others, and always had great experiences with the Spartans more than the FL. You really had to drive FL, the Spartans always felt like they were on rails!

A 2008 will be a good coach, but just know that you will need to see that the necessary work has been done to the wet bay, slide floors, and roof rails. Check with Tiffin to be sure. These repairs are performed at the factory on Tiffin's dime and have probably already been addressed. Like all motorhomes, they all have issues and each brand has it's own quirks. Would I buy another Tiffin? Absolutely! I find their interiors to be unsurpassed as well as the floor plans. And Bob Tiffin stands behind them. Just make sure you get a clean one and the chassis will outlive you! Good luck on your shopping adventure.

Scottybdivin 02-07-2014 07:00 PM

Been looking at the 42 QBH. Why did they stop making that floor plan. I love it, with the side-by-side dual lavatories. Do you feel like it has addequate power to tow the rated 10K?

FDchief 02-10-2014 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Scottybdivin (Post 1917972)
Been looking at the 42 QBH. Why did they stop making that floor plan. I love it, with the side-by-side dual lavatories. Do you feel like it has addequate power to tow the rated 10K?

I am not sure why they stopped making the 42QBH. My guess is one of two things is the culprit. Firstly, to only have one floor plan for the 42' Phaeton which keeps down costs? Secondly, is my biggest theory, that the floor plan is desirable and it forces folks to go up to the Bus for this floor plan. These are just guesses in my book.

As far as towing 10,000 lbs I know you can do it thanks to the robust chassis of today, but no matter what you are driving you will notice a performance decline. But if is what you want to do, just know that fact and enjoy the ride.

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