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gpscotty 01-22-2014 03:19 PM

Avion Trailer
What are the thoughts on a 1984 Avion 30P. Anyone have or have had one. Are there any known problems. We have the opportunity to purchase one at what i think is a fair price and wondering if it would be a good investment. It was built by Fleetwood after they bought out the company. All comments will be appriciated. gps :dance:

TXiceman 01-22-2014 08:34 PM

We had a 1989 34V Avion. These are very well built trailers and are superior to the Air Streams of the same vintage.

A couple of areas of concern are roof seams. Remove loose sealant and cover with the silver Eternabond tape. The front rock guard will become brittle and crack. Replacement fiber glass is available but not cheap and hard to mount. many remove the guard and take a chance with the curve front windows. If you break one of these...good luck. The hinge attachment for the rock guard can leak and the floor below may be rotted. Also to the right of the door at the porch light, these are prone to leaking.

So check the floor edge to be sure it is solid. Another place is the sealant at the tub drain can harden and leak onto the ply wood deck and root it under the tub.

Check the condition of the under belly and look for corroded metal around the rivets. You will need to repair before you start loosing sheets on the bottom.

Other than these few issues, if the trailer has been properly maintained, it is a matter of redecorating and maintenance.

That vintage Avion had anodized finish and were not meant to be polished. There is a commercial product called EverBrite that rejuvenates anodized aluminum.


ahicks 01-24-2014 02:50 PM

I remember them most as having nice cabinet work, and heavy when compared to Airstream. Hard to beat if you have the tow vehicle for it though...

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