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umcontractor 01-23-2014 05:36 PM

Tap into sewer or use macerator pump?
Has any one used a Macerator Pump? I was originally going to have a plumber tie my sewer line in with a tee and a vertical pipe so I could dump my sewage when getting home from a trip. I was reading about Macerator pumps and was wondering if anyone had any experience with one.

Below is what it says on the pumps website. It's around $200 to $300 for one depending on make and model.

Connects directly to the RV waste outlet Eliminates 3" sewer hose Garden hose discharge port Fresh water rinse capabilities Remote handheld on/off switch with 6' wire harness Ability to dump longer distances Ability to drain holding tanks at home Easy cleanup and storage Rugged portable storage case included Run dry protection

stevedenesha 01-23-2014 05:41 PM

There's another system that you might want to look into and its called the Sewer Solution. You can add length to the kit at 10' intervals

BFlinn181 01-23-2014 05:54 PM

At home I use a Sewer Solution with 25' of added plastic irrigation hose. It goes into a basement window (about 24" rise above ground level) and down into a basement sewer connection. Work's great and never has clogged. I don't use the SS at campgrounds, a regular slinky works just fine, but at home the SS goes the distance and a bit up hill along the way.

Steve N Sal 01-23-2014 05:57 PM

We used a macerator system over a 3 month period one summer. Never really had any problem with the system at all. The only advice I could suggest is that if you intend to use one, use a LOT of water when flushing the stool. Flush it twice. You may need to dump more often but with using a macerator when you do dump the pressure behind the dumping of the tank is just not there. Remember your reducing from a 3" hose down to 1" to evacuate the system. Takes bit longer and that sudden surge is just not there. I would recommend flushing your black tank after every 3 or 4 macerator dumps as well. Hope this helps and good luck.

ronjhall 01-23-2014 06:07 PM

I use a macerator pump at home. Works well. I run a hose about 150'.
On another forum I saw this homemade macerator.

SeeTheUSA 01-23-2014 06:09 PM

I used a SewerSolution on our former motorhome for just what you're suggesting. With this motorhome, we use a macerator. Works well.

Steve N Sal 01-23-2014 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by ronjhall (Post 1896514)
I use a macerator pump at home. Works well. I run a hose about 150'.
On another forum I saw this homemade macerator.

I built one of these as well and it works good. I feel its longevity would be longer being it has a stronger motor being a garbage disposer and also operating at 120 volt.

Libero 01-23-2014 06:37 PM

I have used a macerator for about 10 years. Would never be without one. It provides so many more dumping options and IMHO, it is so much better and cleaner than the stinky slinky and I have experienced nothing untoward in the hundreds of dumps. I have dumped in toilets and up to 100' even with several feet elevation with my macerator.

I will never own another RV without a macerator. Of course with adding another electro mechanical device, the chance of it failing is a factor. I have never had a failure but just in case I purchased spares and even a spare unit just in case.

Anyway, this is testimonial from someone who has been RVing for more than 50 years and lot of dumps with and wihout a macerator.

Good luck on whatever you decide.

mrt_1111 01-23-2014 06:58 PM

I have used a maceraror pump for years. The only problem I have had is hair clogging up the blades. I have learned to aways look at the blades before hooking it up. I also remind any guests that nothing goes in the tank but water, human waste and TP.

phranc 01-23-2014 07:11 PM

I've used a macerator for years and on 2 different RV;s .. Never had any sludge build up
Now I am using the stinky slinky as the macerator needs repairs .. Key thought is using extra water at flush time , same thing you should be doing anyway ..
More to your point , The macerator may be a cheaper solution not needing a city/town/county permit and plumber and can be used anywhere not just at home

djbmsu 01-23-2014 09:07 PM

thumbs up for the "Sewer Solution"

wa8yxm 01-24-2014 09:18 AM

Have a Flo-Jet portable, works as advertised, Only one problem which I have finally figured out and will put at the end of this post.

My opinion for what it is worth: I like the speed of the 3" hose and some folks talk about the "Woosh Factor" (The high speed flush causing some stuff to flow out of the tank that might otherwise settle on the bottom) which does not happen with the pump.

But on the other hand I can pump 50 feet or more (The pump will push it 100 through a properly sized hose)

I can pump UP hill.

And I can pump when I can not, for some other reason, use the 3" hose.

The problem: Since my pump is a portable.. Only gets used when I need more than the 3" can do easily.. Between uses it tends to sieze up and blow it's fuse (Which by the way is in the switch handle) .. The SOLUTION.. On the bottom (non pump end) of the motor is a slotted shaft,, You should be able to figure out which way the pump turns from the hose hookup... TURN the shaft in that direction using either a flat blade screwdriver or a quarter for one turn before you hook up and the problem... is gone.

vsheetz 01-24-2014 09:33 AM

If you can readily place a accessible sewer connection that would be my preference. While a macerator works well, why use one if not needed?

Ed-Sommers 01-24-2014 10:06 AM

Those of us that tend to Boondock the majority of the time find a macerator a very valuable tool I carry two, and have for the 12 years or so that I have been boondocking.


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