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Stacyod 02-16-2014 06:14 PM

Newby considering 1992 four winds help please
We are new to mh. We are considering a 1992 four winds 29 foot class c ford 460 7.5l engine with 42,940 miles on a 350 chassis. It has had two owners supposedly garage kept by both. They are putting new tires on it so that will not be an issue. It is for sale by camping world. As is.

We do not want to make rookie mistakes. Any advice about issues to check out on this particular make/model/engine would be appreciated. Thank you. Stacy

maxtgam 02-16-2014 07:42 PM

The answer to your question depends on your travel plans. If you desire to use your motorhome for weekends and small trip, should be good. I would be concerned with cross country. You unit has a v8, newer units now use a v10.

Scarab0088 02-16-2014 08:14 PM

Four Winds made very nice RV's independantly for many years and the Ford E350 is a time tested cab chassis. The 460 is a massive power plant, but not known for super good MPG. In Ford Trucks, owners have said for years about the 460, "so much power, you can pass most anything...except a gas station."

Four Winds was acquired by Thor industries many years ago, and you can see many Four Winds models under the new Thor Motor Coach (TMC) brand. This is important, because the company was bought and continued vs. Being another RV company that ceased to exist.

Like any used RV, you want to have it checked by someone that knows RV systems. If it is all new to you, then it is smart to pay the $100-$300 for a full check.

These tough little RV's can go many places big Class A's cannot. If the engine and trans are healthy, I would have no problem with a trip across the US.

Best luck

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