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2Champs 06-12-2014 10:16 AM

RV Mod recommendations?
Hey everyone,
we are in the process of remodeling our new to us Keystone Challenger.
While I have the floor ripped up, and the stairs taken off, the furniture out, etc, are there any must have mods?
We are already changing out several electrical outlets that are bad, rebuilding our stairs with hinges, so it acts as an access panel )and storage if my crafty hubby can swing it.)
We were thinking about ripping out the microwave, since we never use one, but I havent been able to find a vent hood and we were not quite sure how to proceed with that one.
I think I want to go ahead and change to LED bulbs as well.
We have the construction and remodel aspect pretty much under control but if there other things we should think about as far as mechanics or power issues, the underbelly, or the tanks, any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

go4dsnow 06-12-2014 03:08 PM

Run RG6 cable everywhere you might want Sat Tv someday. Also shoot me an email at with the list of led bulbs you want and I will give you a quote for the whole rig. My prices are always 25% less than everyone else. Bulb numbers or fixture types that you want and quantity.

JFNM 06-12-2014 03:11 PM

I would:
1. Run HDMI cables from "entertainment system" to every location that you may someday want a TV.
2. Install numerous 12V runs and outlets. Outlets could be cigarette lighter sockets (typical) but there are better/smaller options available too.
3. If not powering all 110V outlets from inverter, install a small 110V sub-panel connected to inverter and a few sockets located around MH.

Probably more but I gotta think! :-)

Gocoffeer 06-12-2014 03:33 PM are really thinking in the right direction. My gal and I did a similar tear apart and remodel and did as many practical changes as possible in our budget. We did the LED light thing as you have suggested (hint EBAY for lamps)....We rid ourselves of carpet....went with a rolled flooring meant for garage floors (easy to clean and indestructible to the feet of dogs, bicycle cleats and all our in and out traffic) We hated the dinette (GONE Forever) We integrated a table that folds up from the wall and out of our way when not used. Revamps storage....with the pullout and slide out rack storage and bins (no more reaching far into cabinets) We went with a solar project to enhance boondocking.... and installed a completely parallel wired outlet system that does not interfere with the current RV wiring. Glad we did it when everything was gutted. Some minor sound system changes.... wanted better sound from our in dash radio. TV and minor electronic upgrade....Big mongo 19"CRT type TV gone and 22" El cheapo Walmart low power TV installed....rid of roof antenna system and use a hidden Walmart sold HD antenna...added multiple mini inverters to feed the new wiring system some 12 -->120v power. Water filter system got an improvement.... fixed latches on cabinets so that they stay put as we travel....clocks and mirrors moved around or replaced....I think that was about the whole budget and story.

Muddypaws 06-12-2014 03:49 PM

Frame pass thrus
Put a grommet or something to keep the wires from rubbing on the frame wherever they pass through the frame. Prevents abrasion, shorts, and fires.

My keystone (Montana) did not have the flooring glued down. My feeling is that they do it that way for a reason, I.e. Floor flex.

The advice about RG-6 and HDMI is spot on. But depending on how you see things working you might not need both. If you need a sat receiver in the bedroom and outside cabinet in addition to the living room use RG-6. If you want to have a central receiver or a single bluRay player HDMI would be OK. RG-6 is cheaper than long HDMI cables. I'd do both, and probably Cat-6 cable as well.

Perhaps an audio/video cable for a rear view camera too? We're spending YOUR money, right?

Replace the surround sound speakers with better ones. If it has one of those cheap POS Jensen stuck on the wall DVD players scrap it and buy a real home theater system. The cheapest ones you can find are 100% better. I have two Panasonics and an LG. I like the Panasonics best but the LG works fine. The Panasonic blue ray player has the coolest feature I've ever seen. To eject the disc you just run your hand over the top of the case near the disk carrier. No searching for the eject button.

Wanna get really wild? Add a tank sprayer to your grey water tank(s). Nobody does that, yet we all want it eventually.

Powered day/night shades.

Metal latches for the closet doors. The clear plastic ones Keystone uses break frequently.

Broke yet?

Good luck with the project. Post pics of your progress!

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