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jeffwit 06-21-2014 07:24 PM

Replacing carpet with Allure. Ouch!
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Decided on kind of a whim to replace the carpet with something more aesthetically pleasing. Went to the Depot last night and picked up 10 boxes of Allure Ultra in the Southern Hickory color. Figured that I would rip out the carpet and tiles today and be ready to install tomorrow. Um, no. All started well, as I was able to pull up the carpet in large pieces from the center of the coach. But then the real fun started....
I removed the dining table and pulled up the carpet to find that apparently there had been a water leak before I bought the coach. Whoever decided to "fix" it thought that just laying a piece of what looks like the stuff that is put on the backs of cabinets would work fine. One part had partially caved in. I don't know how our chairs didn't punch through when we sat down to eat. No biggie, though. I just cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to fit and glued it down.
Next fun part was peeling up the linoleum tiles that were glued down. Not as bad as I had feared. In fact the wife and son were able to handle most of that part. :)
While they were doing that, I decided to remove the carpet surrounding the driver's chair and the pedals. Ugh. The carpet is glued (quite firmly, I might add) to the metal floor. I worked on that for a good hour or more and managed to remove a grand total of maybe one square foot. And now I can't lift my arms above my shoulders. :)
Ah, well, the joy of do-it-yourself. Back at it tomorrow. Now to figure out what the heck I'm going to do under my slides...
Any tricks of the trade would be appreciated.
And in case anybody is wondering, replacing the flooring takes longer than a weekend. :)Attachment 65885

jeffwit 06-21-2014 07:26 PM

This is a before I started pic. Meant to get a end of day progress pic, but my arms hurt too bad to hold up my iPhone...
I'll get one tomorrow.

Tomtall 06-21-2014 07:35 PM

All your pain and hard work will be worth it in the end.:thumb:
Until that day comes remember the ibuprofen.:D

jeffwit 06-21-2014 08:11 PM

Vitamin I is my friend.:thumb:

JBoyer 06-22-2014 07:38 AM


Hang in there! We did the same thing - removed carpet and linoleum in the kitchen early in the year. It took me a couple weeks to get the floor totally prepared. What I discovered was Forest River holds stock in the carpet staple market. I don't know how many thousands of staples I pulled. Once down however, the Allure has been great for us. Easy to clean/mop which is great with our two dogs. We really like it and we're glad we stuck to it. Take your time putting the Allure down and stagger the end seams by at leaf a third I found works best.

Good luck - don't let yourself get to where you're typing with a pencil in your mouth!

Ernie Ekberg 06-22-2014 08:38 AM

Winnebago uses the stickiest adhesive I have ever come across. I have used my multipurpose tool to cut thru that stuff

akeyzoo 06-22-2014 09:55 AM

Find my flooring thread for tips and such, and slow down! This is not a 16 hour 2 day job, at least not if done right. It's more like a 40 hour job....


Playtime III 06-22-2014 10:25 AM

Just wait. I had the curved edge tile layout and did not know how to handle the transition edge. I, luckily, had two spare tiles so I used my multi-tool with grout blade to remove the grout, then a hammer drill with flat blade to carefully remove the curved tiles. Then back to the multi-tool to smooth out the old adhesive. Replace with straight tiles cut to width. Now I can use stock transition strips.

Mid project:

Completed Proj:

jeffwit 06-22-2014 12:28 PM

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As promised, a pic of the progress we made yesterday.
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Back to it today. Me and some glued-down carpet need to reach an understanding... :)

dsbike 06-22-2014 12:32 PM

If you are still working at getting the carpet up that is glued down, try using a heat gun or high powered hair dryer to loosen the glue.

Rmiscoord 06-22-2014 02:06 PM

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My hat off to all you DIY'ers, :thumb: I had my floors done at a custom shop and it took them the better part of a week. But it looks great and easy to clean.

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jeffwit 06-22-2014 08:52 PM

Day two in the books. Shorter day today because of church and all, but still managed to get a couple of hours of work in.
Thanks to some good old elbow grease and the DW's hair dryer (kudos to dsbike for the suggestion), the carpet under the driver's seat and the pedals now know who's the boss. However, the leftover glue and bits of padding are still having trouble recognizing my authority. I swear, whoever put the glue down there did it with a mop. I have my own version of the La Brea tar pits down there. If you hear of a new species of dinosaur discovered northeast of Atlanta (most likely named the Sore-armasaurus), you'll know it came from the cockpit of my MH. But I digress...
Not really sure what I'm going to do down there. There is no way I can get all of that glue up. And the metal floor has some different ledges in it that make it impossible to get a level surface. Maybe some kind of backer board? Plywood? Foam? The Allure directions say no foam, but it's not a high-traffic area. I don't know. Suggestions??
I'm also having trouble deciding what to do under my slides. From what I can tell, the slides ride up the carpet on a curved piece of metal. Not sure what that's going to do to my new shiny vinyl floor. Also, the carpet extends under the slide farther than I can reach. And I ain't gonna try to remove my slide. I like a challenge, but explaining a large hole in the side of my MH to the DW is not something I would enjoy. Gonna have to ponder that one. As always, ideas are welcome.
Pics to follow.

jeffwit 06-22-2014 08:57 PM

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jeffwit 06-22-2014 09:00 PM

No, I haven't laid any flooring yet. I just put out a couple to get an idea of what it was going to look like. And to give myself a reminder of just why in the world I was doing this. :D

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