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Rkc02 07-29-2014 06:20 PM

Towing Toyota Venza on a Trailer
We are considering a trailer so we can keep our car and take it with us. Will use a lightweight aluminum trailer to save weight (towing with a Berkshire 390RB-60 DP). I know a trailer is a bit more work but otherwise, will this be a viable option?

CJBROWN 07-30-2014 07:48 AM

Sure it will do it.

Found this:
The curb weight for a base model 2013 Toyota Venza XLE is 3,760 lbs. Other Frequently Asked Questions for 2013 Toyota Venza XLE

Figure your aluminum car trailer (expensive) will come in about 800 to 1000lbs so you should be just a bit under 5K lbs.

Seems to me the Bershire is a small block cummins (pickup motor) so you'll be pretty slow anyway. Either way 1500lbs isn't a big difference say for a lighter toad.

That said towing four-down is just SO much more convenient. And you don't have to deal with the empty trailer at camp or for storage.

I would encourage you to trade the car for something that tows well by itself. You'll be a lot happier in the long run. What you'll spend on the trailer will get you into a new car.

BTW, just did a quick search for aluminum car trailers and they're a lot heavier than I thought. I was thinking about my tandem boat trailer that came in about 650lbs, but a car trailer is easily 2500lbs. Here's the Featherlite weight chart for their trailers:


Rkc02 07-30-2014 03:49 PM

CJ- Thanks for the advice. The trailer I was considering weighs 1250 lbs so I would be close to 5000 lbs total. DW LOVES that Venza but still working the trade-in angle. That us really the better choice instead of a second car we don't need, or a trailer with its extra hassles.

rfergason 07-30-2014 05:39 PM

Towing Venza
If you are interested, Remco has been working on a oil pump for the Toyota automatic transmissions. Currently on the Remco site, the Venza is flat towable if the transmission model is U660E.

Blue Ox doesn't yet have a base plate for the Venza but I was discussing this with them and they want to build one, they just need someone to bring them a car to design it. They offered a nice package, including a free base plate, and tow bar and wiring plus camping in a local campground for the 2-3 days it takes to complete. I seriously considered this, but as I am in CA, it's quite a drive!

If you are someone else reading this is closer, perhaps you could be the one to score the free stuff and help out other Venza owners!

-2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer, wanting to tow 2013 Venza Limited AWD.

CJBROWN 07-30-2014 05:42 PM

Well unfortunately Toyota doesn't make cars for flat towing. Years ago you could get a Rav4 with a stick but no more. Perhaps a Tacoma with 4WD and a transfer case that can be put in neutral. But I have my doubts.

For a similar car that you can tow consider the Ford Edge. Arguably very similar to the Venza - mid-size suv, hatchback, entry-luxury. Most of the Fords can be towed flat with auto, you would have to verify. Just look in the owners manual. And most Hondas as well. So maybe the Pilot might be another option. The CRV is way popular for this application but admittedly not as sexy or nice as the Venza.

Chevy's too, again you would have to verify. The new Impala is really nice - can't say for sure if you can flat-tow though. Just thinking outloud here.

Superslif 07-30-2014 05:47 PM


Well unfortunately Toyota doesn't make cars for flat towing. Years ago you could get a Rav4 with a stick but no more. Perhaps a Tacoma with 4WD and a transfer case that can be put in neutral. But I have my doubts.
A month ago I had asked a Toyota service manager if Tacoma's could be towed 4 down. He stated "NO" Toyota's can be towed period 2 or 4 down. I don't know if that was his opinion or Toyota's. Any website that lists what vehicles can be towed? 4 down , 2 down?

CJBROWN 07-30-2014 08:06 PM

Any front wheel drive car can be towed on a dolly, but then you're back to the same hassle as with a trailer.

Most any automatic trans cannot be towed unless they are specifically made for it - self lubricating input shaft as a primary example. The only ones I'm aware of are Ford Chevy Honda, and the former saturns (yuk!).

Any 4x4 with a transfer case and most manual transmission cars can be towed (not Mazda). My Subaru for example is terrific toad. Just okay as a car, but fantastic as a toad. It's the primary reason we bought it. 5spd manual and AWD, right at 3K lbs. Jeeps are good toads as well.

I have seen some enclosed car hauler trailers that were garages too and pretty darn cool. Nice bikes too. So it can be done, just up to where your focus is. I wouldn't bother with a Venza, now if it was a Boxter or a Cayman, an SLK, or even a Miata, those would be worth hauling in a garage trailer. ;)

McGalliard01 07-31-2014 02:52 PM

trailer for Venza
We have the same issue that we have a venza that we want to trailer. I have the 360 6.7 engine with the 3000 tranny. We now tow 7x12 with a spyder and lots of other junk weight of 3500lb. The 6.7 handles it very well at 9.7 miles per gal. Sure like to test a 5000lb tow. Is your engine 390, if so you should have no trouble if you include brakes and a sway bar. Tag axle will help.:dance:

Good luck,

CJBROWN 08-01-2014 09:57 AM

Same discussion on another forum I frequent, this came up on a proposed trailer for towing a car:
A trailer sort of makes things difficult on so many levels:
When you get somewhere, you back the car off and then you have a trailer you have to put some place.
It adds to the total mass that the coach has to move.
It's also more than I want to spend.

Towing a car 4-wheels down is just soooo much easier. For the Venza a dolly would work since it's front wheel drive. Not nearly as cumbersome as a car trailer, for sure. Probly find one used at a good price as well - people get tired of them and get a car that doesn't need one.

Just did a quick search....these things are EXPENSIVE too, like over three grand. Wow!

Healeyman 08-22-2014 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by CJBROWN (Post 2161008)
most manual transmission cars can be towed (not Mazda).

Why cannot Mazda manual transmission cars be flat towed?


CJBROWN 08-22-2014 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Healeyman (Post 2193581)
Why cannot Mazda manual transmission cars be flat towed?


I don't have the technical answer, but my assumption is that it's something to do with lube of the transaxle shafts. Could also possibly be that steering the front wheels from the drive wheels through it's electric steering system is damaging somehow.

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