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Broadway 08-01-2014 04:13 PM

Cougar 321RES skirt troubles
Wondering if anyone had the same trouble I have had with my Cougar 321RES, on our last trip we noticed the skirt coming off on the passage side forward of the door, the driver side had being worked on before by the dealer because that one was coming off. I had to stop on the TCH in Newfoundland and try to repair it, noticed that were the skirt goes up under the trim NONE of the screws that go through the trim are into the skirt, looks as if the skirt was cut to short and I would think that they should to hold the skirt up, all was holding the skirt was the force of the trim against the walls, this is why both of my skirts came loose, something for people to check before going on the road. Once I repaired the skirt I ran clear silicone along the bottom of the trim and also between the skirts were they join each other to take away the wind effect and to help hold it in place, will be going back to dealer to have it done right.. Also had the screws come out of the cabinet for entrance to the hot water boiler, and around the microwave donít seem to be anything there for the screws to hold to, and last of all my black water valve would not open .Over all I am pleased with the 321RES and knock on wood the service from the dealer has being very good.

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