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smlranger 08-04-2014 06:54 PM

Air Leveling Questions/Verification
I've questioned if my air leveling/travel mode system works correctly and want to verify with others with same system. I had my dealer check it and they said it was working as designed (they said they even called HWH to verify).

If I have used the leveling function and want to return to 'Travel Mode' before moving, this is what I have to do:

1. dump all air from the system

2. Press the 'stop' button on the keypad

3. Press 'Travel Mode'

If I follow these steps, the system works but the front is always very slow to come to ride height.

If I have leveled the coach and merely press 'Travel Mode,' the travel mode light will flash then the system will switch back to leveling mode.

I ask because I am pondering a trip to HWH in Iowa. However, it will require about a 500 mile detour from our current travel plans.

BarneyM 08-04-2014 08:20 PM

I'll try this again. If the HWH is working correctly all you need to do is release the parking brake and the HWH will automatically go into travel mode. You need to give it some time if your air pressure is not up especially if one end or the other is sitting low. If I am manually raising the coach with the HWH the rear always goes up before the front for some reason.

07 Inspire 52059

smlranger 08-04-2014 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by BarneyM (Post 2168363)
I'll try this again. If the HWH is working correctly all you need to do is release the parking brake and the HWH will automatically go into travel mode. You need to give it some time if your air pressure is not up especially if one end or the other is sitting low. If I am manually raising the coach with the HWH the rear always goes up before the front for some reason.

07 Inspire 52059

OK, I will try that in the AM.

Smitty77 08-04-2014 08:51 PM

Our practice, is to start the engine, and bring in the slides. I bring the larger front slide (Slide of us, but if you have two, make that "Slides".). I then push the 'Travel Button', while the DW closes the rear slide (Add slides, if appropriate for your rig.). (My input from talking this over several times, is that he larger front slides, are more important to get in before 'unleveling'. I also felt, with only on rear slide, that before the coach could 'unlevel' while going into 'travel mode' - the DW would have the rear slide in.)

I try my best, to reduce the time of idle while getting ready to go, as I appreciate it when others do the same that are close to me and getting ready to go. (Had a gent in front of us today, start his DP, then go out an unhook electrical, cable, dump, then hook up his Toad... A good 15 mins of hearing his diesel 'warm up'. Which, for newer units, is not recommended or needed, and his was a newer unit.)

The other factor, for out 2004 model, built in 2003, is that I don't like the 'feel' of the coach when not in 'Travel Mode'. Sure, sometimes the difference between 'Level and Travel' are very minor. Other times, I feel like we are riding on empty air bags, depending upon what was needed to level.

All I need to do, in our era leveling system, is hit 'Travel Mode' with the engine running.

But, some coaches and years could be different! So, following the what they say, is the way to go!!

Best to you, and all,

Peralko 08-04-2014 09:43 PM

Whenever I start the engine, the HWH system automatically goes to travel mode. When we leave a camping spot, I idle the engine long enough to put on my seat belt, and off we go. Absolutely no reason for a long warm-up in a campground, but I sure see a lot of folks do that--very rude, in my book!

dons2346 08-05-2014 12:23 AM

First I go out and dump the tanks and fill the fresh water if needed and stow the hoses. I turn on the inverter. Then I bring in the slides. I then go out and unhook the power and start the motor. I then turn off the HWH panel and let the system bring the coach up to ride height watching for the green light. I know how far the coach should come up and I do a walk around checking the height. If everything is ready, away we go.

mytime 08-05-2014 06:24 AM

I do a little different.. I unhook all but the elec while DW gets going..then at final I pull all slides etc. then head out check all doors for latched. Everything's kosher.. pull in power cord.. by then air has peaked out..when I release the brake the travel mode activates.. wait until green light shows up.. make sure steps are in. Off we go.. did I say steps..that's probably your next issue.. keep a hammer handy.

CountryFit 08-05-2014 10:55 AM

my leveling had erratic behavior a few weeks ago. the front won't raise. i had a post on it

i replaced the height control valve, it works perfectly now.

there is an aluminum box 6"x 8" behind the passenger side dash. it's called "control box". the access is right in front of passenger's chair with an about 2'x1' cover/door, next to the push button plate (step, light, door light..). check the fuses to make sure yours are not burnt.

if not that, you might want to replace the hcv. according to my research, hcv is frequently prone to problems for front leveling.

good luck.

dons2346 08-05-2014 11:04 AM

The control for the '07 is in a different location than that in a '02

Medico 08-05-2014 12:53 PM

My Travel Mode does not seem to be working in Auto mode at all. I seem to always need to manually set the height. I push the Travel Mode button, I get a flashing Red LED, then the Green LED illuminates (almost immediately) but the front is always too low (unless it starts out higher) which translate to a VERY rough ride. This is whether I press the Travel Mode button or release the Parking brake. I can drive down the road in this state, so I'm pretty sure the Travel Mode is not working even though I get a Green LED.

The dealer says that the leveling computer needs to be sent back to HWH for repairs. Initially it was blowing 2 - 7.5 A fuses, but the dealer replaced them with 10 A auto resetting breakers.

Also the auto leveling calibration is very sensitive. Almost seems loose. It get's close, but I always seem to see the level off just a little while using a bubble level.

I think this all started after traveling over a particularly very rough road a couple of months ago. Before this everything seemed to work fine.

This is just one more problem this summer.

CountryFit 08-06-2014 10:30 AM

my "travel" is just an indicator, not a button. whenever i started engine, in a few minutes, the front would raise to travel height automatically and "travel" led would light up. if the front was already in right height, the indicator would come on instantly.

when it's on the 4 corner leveling, when i pressed "off", the 4 corner would adjust to travel level and the "travel" would come on in a minute.

this is how my leveling is doing. yours may not be the same, but if you are using hwh i think it should be the same or similar.

Medico 08-07-2014 05:41 PM

I have discovered that the rears do go into Travel Mode, but the fronts do not automatically. Once I have set Travel Mode on the rears, I just manually set the fronts so the distance from ground to body is roughly the same on rears and front. This works for now.

B Bob 08-07-2014 09:42 PM

Ours goes to the travel height automatically when I push the D button on the transmission. So I just turn on the motor and engage D. Thats it. If our coach has set for a couple of weeks without the main motor running the air pressure can be down quite a bit. So I have to leave the motor run a bit to get air pressure up. Sometimes that can take 5 minutes at idle. Much quicker if the rpms are higher. Ride before it gets to about 100 psi not very good.

1mainiac 08-07-2014 10:14 PM

Some air system info the leveling system is a secondary air circuit which means it is after the safety valves and gets no air until the main air is above 70psi on most units. The rear will air up faster so it will always come up first. The HWH system uses several valves to level the coach they get air from 2 sources one is the leveling air which has a small tank usually and a small compressor the other is the leveling valves that set the ride height when traveling. So in the front you have a valve body which has 6 valves and gets air from 2 sources or 3 if you have 2 height control valves up front. In travel mode the travel valves connect the height valves to the bags. In level mode the travel valves lock out the height control valves and each bag gets air for the leveling system via the raise valve which adds air or the lower valve which lets it out. The rear of the coach will have the same valve body with 6 relay valve unless it has a tag then it could have 8. When you level the travel valves close and lock out the height control valves and the brain box uses the raise and lower valves for each bag to level. In travel mode which by the way only means the travel valves are open the raise and lower valves are locked out and the travel valve opens to let the height control valves set ride height. For the system to work in travel mode you will have power to each travel valve and no power to the other valves. It really is a simple system you have a passage that can get air from either end one end comes from the height control the other from system air each has a relay operated valve. In the middle is a output to the air bag and a relay valve the when opened lets the air out. So if your front won't come up in travel mode you either have no power to the travel valve or a bad valve or a bad height control valve. I hope this helps.

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