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jondrew 02-01-2015 09:38 PM

Sanitize Fresh Water Tank
in my TT my manual said I should add about a half a cup of chlorine bleach to 5 gal or so of fresh water in my tank. Run all the water outlets (sinks, shower) hot and cold until you get the whiff of chlorine. Let that sit overnight and then the next day dump the the freshwater, put another few gallons in the tank and then run all the faucets until the chlorine has been run through.

Just got my 2014 Fleetwood Excursion 35C and I assume the procedure is the same (except it looks a bit easier to dump the freshwater tank).

I usually don't drink the water from the tank, but I would think sanitizing after its been sitting for a while would be a good idea anyway.

Ray,IN 02-01-2015 10:13 PM

How to sanitize a fresh water system. I use the second method.
Another sanitizing method from a full-timer.
This chart shows the ratio of bleach to water for disinfecting drinking water. That is useful when you must rely on water from an untested and un-verified source.
All public drinking water must meet the same EPA standards, regardless if it comes from bottled water or municipal tap water. In fact, some years ago a guy began bottling NYC tap water and selling it as-is, right out of the tap. Still making money last I read. That is the same for the majority of bottled water sold today, except some filter out the chlorine to improve taste.

98FPA 02-02-2015 05:57 AM

That's pretty much how I do mine. Been doing it for over 40 years at the beginning or every season. A couple of things I do a little different is that after I get the chlorine smell through all my faucets, etc. I drain the fresh water tank. After it is drained I then fill the fresh water tank again and add some vinegar to it to get rid of the chlorine smell. I then do the same procedure with the faucets, etc. until I smell the vinegar. Drain the fresh water tank completely and fill with just water; then I'm ready to go!

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