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MonacoMama 04-24-2007 07:40 PM

haven't heard from you... How was the trip home?

MonacoMama 04-24-2007 07:40 PM

haven't heard from you... How was the trip home?

BCSteve 04-25-2007 07:03 AM

Sorry I have not "reported". Had to get back to work and the evenings have been spent exploring our new home All went well ....only one minor issue. I will report tonight on everything.


BCSteve 04-25-2007 08:59 PM

Well as promised I'd like to share our experience taking delivery of our new "baby".

First about DeMartini RV....
As many of you are already aware this dealership is a class act. For those of you considering a Monaco or HR you must check out this dealership, I cannot say enough good things about them.

My wife and I left Friday evening late as the weather was bad in So.Cal, well bad by our standards anyway
We arrived in the Sacramento area around 2:30am
I figured we'd find a WalMart to crash out for 4-5 hours, well it wasn't as easy as I'd thought but found a place and set up about 3:30.At 6am I was wide awake like a kid at Christmas After a quick coffee we were off to Grass Valley.

When we arrived our "Baby was out in front all ready for the new proud parents. She looked great and DW who had not seen her yet in person was itching to get inside. I follwed a few seconds later and when I saw the grin on her face I knew I had done good!! I asked if she liked it and all I heard her say was "it's beautiful"

Paperwork only took about 1/2 hour and then it was time for the walk-around and PDI. Every system was throughaly explained, worked and every dumb question I asked was answered with a smile. After the walk through we spent another 30 mins setting up for the trip home. We decided to head over to the coast and spend the night as we were without children until Sunday evening. What better way to get to spend time with each other,a bottle of wine and our new is good

So we are heading down I-5 about two hours So. of Sacramento really enjoying driving this coach when all of the sudden I hear a banging on the rt side of the coach- I just looked at my wife and said what the *%%&(???

I got her pulled over as soon as I could. The only thing I could think of was the awning was loose. I checked the awning and even extended and retracted to make sure it was tight- Everything looked good. Got her cruising again and at about 60-65 MPH again the banging, so Robin stood up and looked through the mirror and said " you left a compartment door open...HUH??? that made no sense but I pulled over again and got out- Well the "compartment door" was actually the front quarter panel over the tire..and on the back side was extremely loose. I discovered 2 broken screws and 1 missing screw...and of course I had no tools or anything. I limped her down the road to a boat repair shop What Luck!! they would have a screw or two for me and I'll be on my way! Wrong...but he did have some duct tape which I had to use to hold it together. He directed me to a WalMart about 10 miles away to get some screws.

So the funny thing was after I got to Wal Mart I parked out in the area of several nice Class A coaches.Apparantly there was some sort of RV Jamboree in the area and several were there for the final store run. Anyway several nice folks came over as soon as I parked to look at the new rig. An older gentlemen was ooohing and awwing over my coach, but when saw the duct tape he just burst out laughing...and that drew the attention of several others who had to come over and see what was so funny everyone was having a good laugh but I was irritated but it was all in good fun. I got what I needed but was only able to replace 1 screw-The others had broke off and will have to be tapped out.

We got back on the road after a quick bite but it was now after 6:30 and we figured our "romantic night" on the coast was done.

We did stop at an RV park several hours later to get some much needed rest and a chance to work out the coach...and I'm happy to say except for the front quarter panel we have found very little wrong,
So far all we have is
AM radio-No reception ( I don't think the antenna was hooked up)

Slide hinge on the love seat storage compartment is broken. And thats it-
We are thrilled with this coach!

We arrived back home Sunday evening- Several of my neighbors were at the door before I could shut it down-They all wanted the grand tour and even though I was beat who was I to deprive them of this-

So thats it- All is good
Any questions feel free to ask me.

Qustion for you all- What do I have to do to get Sirius radio? I followed the instructions but ??? Do I need to get an antenna or is it already hooked up??

2007 36PDQ Diplomat

MonacoMama 04-25-2007 10:16 PM

Ok... I am sorry to say that I take a little bit of joy knowing that I am NOT the only one who did not realize that the stereo is "Sirius READY" ...meaning that if you add a Sirius tuner to it that you can get Sirius. I tryed for probably half a day- until I got out my window sticker and read it a bit more closely...Which in dash stereo do you have- the CD or the DVD version?

Next - where exactly was the "open compartment door" and where was it loose?

It sounds like you made it to the Stockton area and met up with some of the Escapade group. I am glad you took it all in jest ...although - I would have NEVER snickered at you!
I am sure there will always be a few things on any new coach thay may need attention ...hopefully yours will remain minor items!

We love our coach also .. and as you know - we have nothing but good things to say about DeMartini..they are the best!

Glad to hear things went well...and the trip home turned out OK, overall!

PS... watch for a PM from me in the next day or so...

Mutha 04-26-2007 03:28 AM

BCSteve, Sounds like you are really excited to have your new baby home. Have you given it a name yet? Jefflewin in your other thread was not sure of the REDLANDS TRUCK CENTER info I posted in your other thread, so here is a Link to REDLANDS: REDLANDS

Keith is the manager and is a super guy, and can help you with just about any type of repair or problem you might have. Best of travels to you and yours in your "NEW HOME"!


BCSteve 04-26-2007 06:09 AM

Mutha-Thanks for the link. I know exactly where they are located and that will work for me!

Mama-Your correct- We actually discovered our problem just past Hwy 120 and I-5, Found a wal mart off 120 and Main. The loose panel is on the Right side front just over the tire. 2 screws were sheared off below the panel on the rear side. Another screw was missing between where it attaches to the body near the fuel filler panel...It was not a compartment door

And I now know I need to add a receiver and antenna for sirius radio-My bad I thought it was all there already


MonacoMama 04-26-2007 06:33 AM

Do you have DirecTV with your coach? If you activate that - you will have a lot of the XM channels...but not while traveling...
SacsTC says that he thinks the antenna may already be up there...
Do you have the Magnadyne CD or DVD stereo? If you have the CD - you may be able to get the portable receiver(Costco) and plug it in to a connector on the back of the radio...we have not torn out our DVD radio to figure out how to hook up ours up yet...but then we use the Directc in the campsite for XM stations.
...then again ... you may find out that you hate the stereo and do what others have done - and replaced the whole thing...

BCSteve 04-26-2007 06:41 AM

Yes, We do have direct TV so the channels will be there in the campground-

We have the Magnadyne DVD player. And my MonacoMama (Robin) says I can't change a thing

But I'll win out eventually

Pusherpilot 04-26-2007 07:04 AM

Our 04 Imp has a Pioneer radio and ten disc changer. I wanted XM but the radio is "Sirius ready". Found out that Terk, I think it is sells a converter box as well as the XM reciever that plugs into the DIN cable from the radio to the disc changer. There is no "pass thru" attachment so I lost the changer but we rearely used it since we have XM. We had been using the "Roady" set up before but this beats the dickens out of it.

All I need to do now is get the thing set up for digital radio and I'll be wired tight.

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