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Reelgator 05-22-2015 08:18 AM

Looking for ideas to direct water run off from roof
My DP has useless "gutters". I'm thinking of buying some of the EZE Gutter and attaching it along the entire length of the roof on each side (on the actual roof). Plan to have spouts at each end and a few centered.

Has anyone done this and if so how have the results been?

The AC units alone create large puddles around the coach and I'm tired of wet slabs and my slide awnings always holding a good bit of water.


dpinvidic 05-22-2015 08:37 AM

Can you get brown?
I had often thought of running a thick Bead of silicone around the side and front edges of the roof (on top surface), which is what I think you want to do with the gutter.

However, your goal in parking is to level the RV so you will probably end up with small pools of water at any low spots on the roof. This could cause a leak around any roof protrusions.
Your drain openings may let the water out.

I guess if I tried this, and I could get brown, I would mount it above the current gutter on the side of the RV and put extensions at the ends.

What would it take to makes your current gutters work properly?


docsdock 05-22-2015 08:38 AM

I have same problem - I got some rubber molding self stick strips and channeled the water away from the slide covers. worked pretty good but I'm looking at gutters also.

YC1 05-22-2015 08:42 AM

If you are talking about the stuff that has the 3m self adhesive backing and is a heavy duty rubber, then yes I use in in many places on my rv. Over the top front edge much like an eye brow. Now water does not drizzle long messy stripes on the front windshields. I also use it in several other places to re-direct the drips. Excellent stuff and does not come off. Leave it in the hot sun and it is easy to bend.

MisterT 05-22-2015 10:07 AM

I used the 'rubber molding' with self adhesive on the roof edge near my passenger side front window where the a/c runoff typical wanted to always run, leaving a harsh stripe. It seems to have minimized the runoff and allowed it to stay over the awning, which is nice. These type of moldings can usually be found in the weatherstripping area or door/window area of the hardware store or Wmt stores. I also used flexible clear caulking to make sure it stayed on while traveling.

Mike and Cha 05-22-2015 08:04 PM

This will sound crazy but I put a clothes pin on the ends of the gutters when I have it parked. The water runs off the end of the clothes pin and does not hit any part of the MH or get the tires wet or dirty from the water hitting the ground.

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