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sam60 06-21-2015 06:12 PM

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's to all of the Dad's out there.

I didn't get a call from either kid but they texted me. :nonono:

I wish my Dad was still alive to call and shoot the stuff with.

kandlwaddell 06-22-2015 01:25 AM

Hi Mike & Kelly, could not let your post go unnoticed...

My father, as well, passed in March of 2014, barely over a year ago..I miss him so much..he was a highly decorated WWII vet and a man of honor..hard to find these days..

My DW (34 years) and I have 2 sons, we spent the day with our older son, but his daughter was with mom (modern families right)..had a wonderful meal and day with him.

Our youngest, a LT. in the US ARMY, (Air Assault/Airborne/Ranger) is currently attached to a Special Forces Unit in Afghanistan until at least March, 16'. This morning at around 9:30AM my wife's phone rings, it's from a Florida area code, which we know is where SOC (Special Ops) routes their calls, she immediately hands me the phone...

I hear my sons voice for the first time in a long while...he's been over since March..he says Happy Father Day !! That made my day, my year and my life.....

We caught up for the little time he had I wanted to make sure he spoke to his mom...I always take the calls the minute she hears his voice, she breaks down in tears...he's her baby...

She gets through the conversation, her chin held high, only positive stuff going on nothing for him to worry about...just to keep focusing on his job and what he is doing to protect us...

She says "I love you so very much" before they hang up. She hangs up the call and we collapse in each others arms, tears running down our faces, knowing that he would give anything to be here with us.......

I so wish I could hold him and see all the times I did that when he was growing up...

You tell Mike that his kids love him, they just get busy with sometimes a text is what you get....

Thanks and in a 3 minute call, I had the best Fathers Day gift I could ever hope for :)


sam60 06-23-2015 09:14 PM

Thanks Kirk.

My Dad and I were cross threaded in my late teens and best friends by the time I was 25. Gone 9 years now. I appreciate the service that your family members provided to protect my freedom!

34 years this October for Kelly and I.

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