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baphenatem 07-04-2015 01:11 PM

Truck Camper Restoration Project - Part 5
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I had noted that the roof was not quite right in the area of the roof ladder. Pulling back the roof membrane it was immediately obvious as to why. About one square foot of the plywood in the corner was rotted with some minor rot damage to the wood framing underneath. I repaired the area using a 3/8 inch plywood patch and West System Epoxy resin and filler. I first scraped everything out and then used a router to cut out half the thickness of the roofing plywood for one inch back from removed section. The edge of the patch was also routed out to half thickness so that it would overlap the existing roof plywood seamlessly with maximum strength.

After removing the rotted portions of the framing, I wetted the area with epoxy and followed up with a filler putty made from epoxy and sawdust. This was left to sit overnight, scraped down, and then the patch was applied using a copious amount of thickened epoxy. The patch was screwed into place to squeeze out the excess epoxy from underneath, thus assuring a good bond between the patch and the existing roof substrate.

One of the most difficult parts of the project was removing the old EPDM roof membrane. I don't know what is in the adhesive they use, but man that stuff is tough! I had to resort to cutting the old roofing into strips and pulling it up in one-foot-wide portions. Even then it was tough going and I had to go back and patch a number of spots where the surface of the plywood got pulled up with the membrane.

Applying the new EPDM membrane was fairly simple, but removing the old adhesives and sealants from the vents and skylights was tough. I found that GO-JO with pumice and OOPS latex paint remover in conjunction with narrow strips of fine Scotchbrite and stiff plastic scrapers were the best things to use for getting the last of the butyl sealing tape and Dicor caulk off of the aluminum surfaces.

I used fresh butyl tape under the flanges of the vents and skylights when re-installing them, but opted for Eternabond tape over and around the flanges. I also upgraded the bathroom fan to a MaxxFan 7000K and it has made a big difference when working inside the rig on hot days.

redtail 07-05-2015 06:02 AM

very nice work
You do nice work. Got a finished pic in and out love to see it ,I am in Howell Mi not far .Mike

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