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davemcl 07-25-2015 12:29 PM

2006 Georgie Boy Maverick S310 roof leak
I have to patch some roof leaks in my 2006 Georgie Boy Maverick S310 class C M/H. Problem is I don't know whether roof type is TPO or EDMS...sealants are different. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a bunch. Dave.

LEOPOLD 07-28-2015 08:15 PM

Your unit was manufactured in either Elkhart or Middlebury, Indiana. You may call them at 574-295-7344 and they can direct you to which building to contact for the roof details.

I spent 26 years in the area manufacturing RV's and Travel Trailers but i did not work for Georgie Boy.

good luck

robertsonr 08-20-2015 11:04 PM

Take out a overhead vent inside. There should be some of the cut material from making the opening. If its EPDM the bottom will be black. TPO and the bottom is white or the same color as the top of the lining. If the material is very rough on the rooftop it may also be Alpha.

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