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daryl989mich 07-28-2015 10:44 AM

Need to replace in dash radio/CD/monitor
Ok...bought an RV and it needs the radio replaced as the 7inch monitor will not open ..thus no back up camera. Mine is a single din with fm ,cd, backup camera. After looking at three manufacturers, Pioneer. boss, and Clarion.....I am frustrated having read their reviews......some say "Great".....some say "junk" mind you I am not looking at top $ radios, but good grief.....why so many negative experiences with these brand name radios? Can anyone give advice based on your personal experience......and any recommendations
For a good single din radio/cd/DVD/camera I know the price should provide good, better, best results.....but for the money value....I am all ears...

dwhit 07-28-2015 10:47 AM


Todd157k 07-28-2015 10:53 AM

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If you read the reviews, and notice 1) poor grammar, 2) bad spelling, or 3) abbreviated words, don't pay any attention to the review. It's coming from a kid, who has no idea how to install it properly and then has "problems" with it. Motorized display units must be mounted correctly (flat and secure) or the motor will bind. Now, onto the radios..
Pioneer is great stuff however they are leaning in the "iPhone" too heavily for me. If you're an iPhone person.. go for it.
Clarion has always made good stuff. Great sounding head units with just enough adjustments to make simple systems sound very good.
"Boss" or "Dual" is cheap junk. Please do not go there.
Next is "where" you get it. Make sure they'll work with you should you not like it. I know Crutchfield is great about customer service. I've used them for years without an issue.
BTW.. The head unit is only the first step. Factory speakers are junk. Some good Polk or Infinity's will liven up the whole system.

ya.. I'm a sound freak. But I go with amps and subwoofers and go crazy. But movies sound like a theater experience.
Here is my sub enclosure (next to the fireplace which had to be insulated heavily for vibration) and my infinity speakers with separate tweeters (black dots above wifey's head). Once I finished up all the installation, it sounds fantastic.

Johndale 07-28-2015 04:03 PM

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Pioneer really don't support there stuff that long. My wife had an avicz3 and worked and sound great but after 4 years no more map updates. TomTom put out one update for it but no more. So I replaced her system with Clairon NX605. It blows the pioneer off the charts. The other car has a pioneer avic940bh fairly new radio and no more updates. And the Clairon can be set up for RV. Attachment 101422
I installed her old radio in the Rv because I have a 760 Garmin gps.

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gdpirie 07-28-2015 04:36 PM

I replaced the radio/backup camera in my 2003 Monaco Exec with a Clarion NZ503. It is DIN 1, folding 7 in display, rearview camera input, DVD,CD, blueray, GPS, AM/FM ect, ect. The only drawback that I found was that even though Clarion still produces the NZ503, the matching HD module is no longer available. So far I haven't missed it. Newer units include the HD in the basic design, but they did not offer a DIN1, 7 in folding display. The other good point is that I removed 4 units from the old radio that are now combined into one.
Regards; George

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