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ga80486 10-06-2015 08:45 PM

First campground with cable hookup
We're going to a campground with a cable hookup for the first time next weekend.

I assume I have to bring my own cable? How long of one should I bring?

Spk64 10-06-2015 08:50 PM

Cable hookups are typically on same post as power. So however long your power cord plus some extra to reach your cable connection. I have a 25' cable but keep another 25' just in case.


TMan59 10-06-2015 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Spk64 (Post 2773980)
Cable hookups are typically on same post as power. So however long your power cord plus some extra to reach your cable connection. I have a 25' cable but keep another 25' just in case.


Same here. We had one cord, then somewhere along the way bought another, just in case.

Mr_D 10-06-2015 09:36 PM

I just carry a 100' one since it can also be used to hook up a ground mount sat dish, although I've never had to use it that way.

leeshearer 10-07-2015 04:14 AM

Don't forget to turn off the antenna amplifier.

lynnmor 10-07-2015 08:43 AM

I have a 100' that I cut into a 30' and 70'. Installed connectors on each raw end and added a coupler. Now I can do 30, 70 or 100' as needed. Yes, I have needed the long length at times.

Patti Brown 10-07-2015 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by leeshearer (Post 2774211)
Don't forget to turn off the antenna amplifier.

X1000! Put this item on your checklist in big letters (you do have a checklist,right?), because you will spend hours if not days trying to figure out why you have no clear signal. Do not ask DH how we know this...:whistling:

ga80486 10-08-2015 08:41 AM


I'm working on one but would appreciate all the help I can get. If anyone knows of a good sample for a class a gasser I'm all ears.


doc 10-09-2015 09:29 AM

We are at a CG is S Georgia now that wants me to give them a 40 dollar deposit in order to get cable through a box they supply. I have no intention of doing that, but I cannot figure where one would put the box. Is this old way of RV park technology? Satellite works fine for us, but for the sake of information gathering, how would this be wired in? I sure as heck would not be going into the black box with all the buttons on it build into the coach system.

Melmoses 10-09-2015 08:16 PM

Charter Cable in Auburn AL came to the park where we stay for football. Since changing over to digital Charter requires a box for you to get cable. Owner of the park has to pay rental on those boxes so he charges campers for it. Needless to say we don't use cable there. It isn't old tech its new tech. Half the time it won't work and people raise cain.

vsheetz 10-09-2015 10:57 PM

We are currently at Lake Elsinore Marina and RV resort in SoCal. To get the cable to work you need to get a box from the office - $60 deposit refunded upon return of the box. I don't have much of a problem with the deposit, but would have been good if they would have told me before I messed around for a half hour orote trying different of my cables, connecting to an adjacent space, scanning and rescaling channels, etc.

The box connects to the cable that comes into the TV, output is either HDMI or f connector cable. Easy access to connect for my setup. May not be easy for your setup.

Overall, seems a pain... For both the customer and the CG...

nothermark 10-09-2015 11:12 PM

Don't forget that if you have a BOMB you also have to pick the cable source instead of Antenna and you have to pick the correct source on each TV when you channel scan. ;-)

doc 10-10-2015 06:42 AM

THanks Mel and you other guys. Sounds like the old way but I guess it is not. We have stayed at parks where you could scan and get thirty or forty channels. I am not sure what a BOMB is but you sound like it might be the black multi-button I mentioned. That would be a pain to get to the back of since it is pretty much stationary in a cabinet full of cables and it would not be worth the effort to get it any way

brobox 10-10-2015 07:10 AM

We are just completing an 8,000 mile trip. We have found most RV park cable to be almost worthless without a digital descrambler box, which most parks do not have. Those parks that had their cable on satellite were fine. Park cable has just about gone by the way side as has park wi-fi. Most of the park cable was analog signals on digital TV's and the picture was terrible.

The antenna amplifier was turned off when connecting to cable. We used our antenna for locals and satellite and gave up on park cable, but did check several just to see and they were all bad.

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