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KenandNancy 11-02-2015 06:25 PM

Storage for winter
Hello. We have a Riverside Whitewater 189R. We are preparing to store it for the winter. :-( We don't know whether to block up the unit to take the weight off of the tires or simply to let it sit. Suggestions?

RV Wizard 11-03-2015 04:05 AM

Hello and :welcome: We are glad to have you join us here and we look forward to reading of your adventures and experiences. I am sure you will enjoy our website and forums. Good luck, stay safe and keep us posted.
I am no tire expert but I have never had an issue leaving tires on the ground over winter. If it is in an area that freezes, be sure to winterize the water system and keep the battery charged to prevent freezing up and bursting.

Bruce C 11-03-2015 04:58 AM

For winter storage I'd put something under the tires. I use pieces of plywood that I have cut years ago. You can use wood as well. In any case I'd put something under the tires. If you jack it up, do so just enough to take pressure off the springs so that they re arch enough to not have a load on them over the winter, snow can add a lot of weight if your in snow country. Good luck, hope this helps.

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