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emoehlke 11-13-2015 11:45 AM

Bedroom redo?
Hello, we are new ft rv'ers as of the end of this month, and although we've been poring over all the renovations and redos online, I have not come across our project. We have to remove 2 pier cabinets and move the propane tank storage in order to fit our bed in, which is a split king. I admit it, we are wimps when it comes to our beds, our backs and necks won't put up with the existing mattress on plywood configuration. We have essentially 2 large twins, with motorized foundations. We'll eliminate the under bed storage, we can compensate elsewhere, since we wouldn't be accessing that type of storage anyway. Anyone have experience with modifying the space for a larger, standalone bed?

mjf55 11-14-2015 12:20 AM

No one yet, so I'll give it a start. I just replaced the bedroom floor and had to remove/reinstall the bed. Nothing but screws and staples. But in order to proceed, how about some pictures of the room, and framing of the bed and cabinets.

emoehlke 11-14-2015 03:56 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are some before pics, excuse the poor photography. Good thing we're doing this, the wood around the storage area was soaking wet, so we'll take up the carpet at the same time, and do a laminate flooring after we fix the leak. Anyway, the beds put together are 76" wide, by 80" long, so we're just taking out one pier cabinet floor to ceiling, and leave the lower side where the propane tanks are stored, so we don't have to relocate the tanks. More pics to come.

mjf55 11-15-2015 11:52 PM

Very similar to my setup. The bed framing probably has screws to the floor and large staples ( you can see them in the pictures) connections the pieces together. The cabinets should have screws into the wall studs for support.
I have a concern if you remove one side of the cabinets, in the what will support the open side of the over head cabinet. Also, it would strange just stopping the overhead ones in mid wall.
MAJOR CONCERN: water damage. You said the floor is soaked? That osb floor is like a sponge and absorbs water. Also, there is probably water under the floor, soaking the insulation and the floor joists. ( This was why I had to tear up my floor.). As you said, find and fix the leak(s).

Oscillating multi tool for flush cutting of wood
4.5" grinder with metal cutting blade for the staples

Mr_D 11-16-2015 12:05 AM

Country Coach had that option, sort of. It raised the head all the way across. It was somewhat unlovingly called the "hospital bed" option. Our appears to have the fuses and control circuit but not the actual mechanism.

emoehlke 11-17-2015 03:25 AM

Thanks for your help. The overhead cabinets are attached to the trailer, and are independent from the pier cabinets. We're thinking about maybe a small shelf at either end...otherwise, yes it looks odd. I think dh is considering marine plywood for the subflooring. Another project later on is to pull up the rest of the flooring and cut a trap door or two so we can access the water tanks. For now, I'll be glad to get the bedroom set up.☺

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