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angelmat4 11-18-2015 05:22 PM

Vent line on gas tank
i have a 97 flair 32 ft i have been having a problem when putting gas in it must run gas very slow and getting worst so i look into it and on the vent line there is a canister where vent goes into bottom and out the top of it problem is this is cloged so it made tank fill slow acting like no vent question is what is this canister so i can replace or can i do away with it any help would be great

thank you


RV Wizard 11-19-2015 02:29 AM

What chassis is the coach on?

angelmat4 11-19-2015 02:55 PM

it is on chev chassis

i took it off shame it was so dirty can not see any thing on it

BarryG20 11-19-2015 04:01 PM

Evaporative Fuel Charcoal canister perhaps?
I know I had a 96 dodge truck that the charcoal some how or other started working its way back up the system and started taking out/clogging other fuel system parts. Turned out it was a defective canister and covered under warranty but it took a few trips to the dealer for them to figure it out. A month or two later I got a card in the mail from Dodge saying they recalled the canisters due to a defect during manufacture and to take the truck in to get it replaced. In any case that is the only canister in a gas fuel system that I can think of aside from a fuel filter canister though it seems unlikely a vent would be going to that.

angelmat4 11-21-2015 06:47 AM

Thank for taking the time to get back to me i was thinking of taking to an rv place to see what they have to say if it turns into problem i just might do away with it can not see it would hurt anything



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