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msrudie 01-10-2016 09:55 PM

97 Dolphin water heater
After pulling the drawers out and stripping the cardboard and insulation out, apparently my leak is on the other side of the heater somewhere between the outside heater compartment wall and the middle of the tank. So I need to pull the tank to find the leak. If anyone can give some advice on this model so I don't break anything getting it out, I'd appreciate it. It's an Atwood.

Old-Biscuit 01-10-2016 10:32 PM

IF that Atwood is a combo unit (electric/propane) then the electric element will have 120V AC wiring going directly to it (Circuit breaker controlled....element on backside of WH Tank under a cover)

Propane will have a DC fuse for gas valve/ignitor IF yours isn't a pilot flame unit

Hot (top) and Cold (bottom) line connections will have to be disconnected

Propane line will have to be disconnected in outside compartment and DC wiring on back or side of tank

Then remove all frame screws, break the calking seal between frame and RV wall then pull whole unit straight out

(Power off, propane off, water supply off, water heater drained)

Then if you have to remove 'pan' (Metal shroud that WH Tank is attached to)...gas valve/burner components etc. will have to be removed then the 'retainer rings' will have to be pried off (go over the exhaust & combustion 'U' tube to hold tank onto 'Pan'). Use new ones to re-install
Then you can have tank welded..aluminum alloy tank

Find leak before removing all components and pan...welding repairs might be able to be done depending on where leak is.

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