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lady puffin 03-28-2016 09:38 PM

2016 Elkhart iRV2 international rally directions
We will be coming from topeka ks going east. What is the best route to avoid Chicago and toll roads to get to Elkhart? Have never traveled that area before.

tdiller 03-28-2016 10:02 PM

I'm thinking cross Illinois to Indianapolis then north to Elkhart

BandSA 03-28-2016 10:08 PM


last year, going west from MI, we took I-94 to I-80. There is a short, 1-2 mile stretch if that, that you will pay a toll on. Less than $5 if I remember right. Then you can take I-94 on into IN or MI, and find a route south to Elkhart. I think that I would take and get off at Napier Ave, turn right, and get onto (right again) 30? that will run into South Bend and then go from there. Sorry, even though I grew up in that area around there, I do not remember which way to go from South Bend, to the right or the left (West or East), but GPS should tell you, and be pretty right on.

ronjhall 03-31-2016 06:01 PM

While not the shortest route. I would take I-70 to Indianapolis. I-465 to I-69 north. Then take I-80 west to exit 92. After toll booth turn right on Indiana 19. It's a couple of blocks to CR4. Turn right and drive about 1 mile to campground on right. There are other ways to get there. But this would be easiest. Adds about 60 miles to the route. But other routes would take you off freeways onto 2 lane roads and city streets.
More direct route using freeways/toll road would include getting close to Chicago. I-70 to I-57 to I-80 would be almost 100 miles shorter.

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lady puffin 04-04-2016 02:51 PM

Thanks everyone, greatly appreciated.

vacationer04 04-07-2016 09:08 PM

Getting to Elkhart
:dance:We are going from St. Louis by way of I-70 to I-57 to I-80. I also want to avoid Chicago as much as possible but will pay the tolls to save an extra 100 miles of gas plus the extra time driving.

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