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bauschman49 04-06-2016 03:47 PM

RO System install & maintain
To Whom could help me.

I replaced my second SHURFLO water pump on my 02 Winnebago Adventurer. I thought I had a problem with SHURFLO, but it turns out I and my RO system are the fault of the failure of my water pumps over the last 14 months.

I am now trying to figure out how to maintain the RO system I installed in my RV (I have used RO systems for 25 years and install and maintain them myself). But I am finding out using a 12v RV water pump is not the same as an in home gravity pressured source of water.

I would like to stop over taxing (similar to what Big Brother does to me) my RV water pump.

What can someone help me with and guide me to be able to use my RO system, which is used just for drinking water from it's own faucet, without over taxing my RV water pump?

I live in my RV and travel many miles. I lean toward dry camping and Hotel Walmart for most of my stays. Except for burning out a couple of water pumps, I have overcome most negative issues with my mode of travel.

Thanks in advance for any help this Viet Nam Vet can get and to those who served, thank you for your service.

Sky_Boss 04-06-2016 04:09 PM

Take a look at this web page.

and this one.

It might help give you a couple ideas.

bauschman49 04-06-2016 11:19 PM

Thank you Sky Boss,
i read a good part of the two sites you directed me too. There systems are very close to mine. i am just missing the part where I keep constant pressure on my system hooked to shore water or from my fresh water tank that will not put too much strain on my DC water pump.
Have a great day.

Monfish 04-07-2016 09:03 AM

Call Rick at RV Water Filter and discuss with him. I think what is going to tell you is that you cannot run an RO system with a variable speed pump as the pump constantly cycles and overheats. He may suggest changing to a constant speed pump with an accumulator tank.

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