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NettieRegina 05-01-2016 04:01 PM

Entrance door gas-strut, what force?
The gas-strut that holds our entrance door open has become weak, I guess Saskatchewan winters are enough to deflate anything.

The original strut is: Titan #GN6-200-20-75MM. Unfortunately this doesn't correspond to the nomenclature on the Titan web site so I can't determine for sure what the nominal force of the strut is, I assume 20 or 75 lbs.

If anyone has replaced this gas strut please let me know how much force your replacement exerts. 20 lbs. seems a bit light.


doublebs 05-01-2016 09:30 PM

We got tired of the gas strut and removed it. Installed a rubber bumper and a latch on the outside of door. Makes it so much better than fighting that strut.

bernie2014 05-02-2016 10:16 AM

gas strut
Hi all,

look here at this link for a guide to struts and brackets....

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I believe my original was 10 # and I just replaced it with a 15# but have not had it out in the wind yet. For some reason I had to bend the bracket slightly to get a new strut to fit. Not sure why......

MisterT 05-02-2016 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by doublebs (Post 3049347)
We got tired of the gas strut and removed it. Installed a rubber bumper and a latch on the outside of door. Makes it so much better than fighting that strut.

we did the same - and we dont miss that darn strut!
we can latch the door all the way open and enjoy the breeze

NettieRegina 05-03-2016 09:16 AM

Thanks for the input. We've also been thinking of a hold-open device but I'm reluctant to start drilling holes in the side of the coach. If anyone has pictures of their installation handy...

For the time being I replaced the strut at NAPA auto parts with a 20-pounder but I had to interchange the end connectors from the old strut to the new strut because they were too large on the new strut to fit under the door.

audigger 05-03-2016 07:09 PM

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Here ya go...

doublebs 05-03-2016 09:31 PM

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Install a rubber door stop to complete the mod.

Bounder34B 09-08-2019 01:12 PM

In case anyone is still looking at this as I just did, twenty pounds is probably about right. I bought and installed a forty pound strut from Camping World off the the shelf (it was the lowest pressure they carry) and it is way too much. Twenty would probably be about right. I have to use a strut because the location of the awning arms prevents the door from opening 180 degrees.

ferg182 09-08-2019 07:58 PM

We removed it also!! Much better!!

gpounder 09-08-2019 08:27 PM

I did a add on modification and 10 lbs and it is just right.

Fro 09-09-2019 02:57 PM

I am looking for solutions to hold open the door on the Monaco. The scissor thingy is pretty floppy and worthless.

For those that have gone to a gas strut, what is it that appeals to you?

For those that have removed the strut, what is it that irritated you about it?


ferg182 09-10-2019 05:17 AM

We took if off because it is a lot easier to bring everything into the coach! The door is not in the way! We latch it to coach when we are parked and it makes it easier for the grandkids to go in and out! Before having the halfway open it was just in the way all the time!

gpounder 09-10-2019 09:22 AM

I like to use the screen a lot and the door was just swinging in the wind.While the door has stop to limit open travel there is nothing to hold it in place. I was also concerned a strong wind could cause the door to exceed the designed travel causing a catistrofic failure.

The strut solved all these problems.

Here were my concerns as I set up to install it.

I wanted the open position to be at a 90 degree angle, straight out so I had no space limitation when entering.

I did not want to make it so strong I had to push hard to close it and opening would need to be easy too as the strut expands.

I also had concerns about mounting. The structure has to be strong to handle the stress I was adding.

I had to carefully select the right type of fastener. I was concerned a sheet metal screw would be either too loose or over tightened and then over time become loose. Using a bolt and nut was an option but it might not look so good on the inside and it could mean squashing the frame to be tight. In the end I decided to use rivets and it worked very well.

Setting the mounting location was the hardest part. The strut needed to open fully and the door stop where I wanted it to. Then when closed it could not run out of travel. I used blue tape to make marks. I mounted the strut extended to set the final position of the open door. making sure when compressed the door was closed.

I used a 20" 10 lb model which works great. I hardly notice any extra effort and the door stays nicely in place even with some wind.

See my picture in my prior post.

ky bob 09-10-2019 10:23 AM

Hi gpounder,

Would you please post a picture of the strut installed ?



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