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jerboy 06-22-2016 05:46 AM

Zero gravity chairs
I like the design but has anyone found one that is long enough? I am only 5' 11" but all I have sat in so far put my knees up in the air. Oversize seems to mean WIDE not tall.

jenandjon 06-22-2016 05:54 AM

Im 6 ft. Mine fits fine. Feet may hang over a little bit. Got at ACE hardware. 10 years ago.

pops2 06-22-2016 06:01 AM

Mine fit fine BUT they are too heavy and ackward, so I gave them away and bought a couple of Strongback chairs. Much more comfortable and much easier to store and carry.


bigben 06-22-2016 06:11 AM

We carry lots of "bag" chairs and 2 zero gravity lounges. One of the lounges is what I call a big boy (I am 6'3" and lots of pounds). Three of the "bag" chairs are also big boy chairs. Each of the big boys fit me nicely. With our huge basement storage easy to carry but we rarely take the lounges out unless we are staying more than a couple of nights. Best time for the lounges is at the beach. We stay near the beach about 3 months out of the year and the zero gravities stay in the back of our toad with the beach umbrella.

Note: often times we spend 4-5 hours per day at the beach with a cooler of water, beer and lunch. Total retirement is GREAT.

jenandjon 06-22-2016 11:51 AM

Yea they take up a lot of room. I only have one. Had 2 but my ex got one in the divorce.

burgman50 06-22-2016 02:15 PM

We got two from Costco and love them!! I'm 5'11" and just right. Only problem is when in the zero gravity position, they cause my wife to snore :)

jerboy 06-22-2016 02:16 PM

Well.....I ordered a pair off Amazon. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. If we don't likey we do what we have done in the past....dump them off on the kids.

roysleight 06-23-2016 09:21 AM

Hey BigBen, your loungers sound like what I need. What brand are they. Thanks.

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