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richomak 06-28-2016 10:15 AM

1981 TravelCraft Class C 25 Foot
I just bought this RV and went for a test drive, it has a rebuilt 350 in it was going up to Loop Loop pass in Okanogan County Washington and it started to stall out and get hot. I pulled off and it died so I let it sit for 30 minutes and cool down and started it and went another couple of miles and had to pull off the road again. This time was a hour and a half (Think it vapor locked). I think the 350 in the Chevy van 30 is to small of a engine for this chassy. Any idea's whats going on with it? Class C 25 feet long.

BFlinn181 06-28-2016 10:27 AM


Vapor lock is caused by heat. Make sure the fuel line is not routed near sources of heat like the exhaust or manifolds. In addition, low fuel pressure could be the cause, so check the volume output of fuel pump. Fuel filters could be another restriction to fuel flow, changing the fuel filter and inspecting it for crud would be another step.

The overheating of the engine could mean a blocked coolant system, but, did you downshift when you noticed overheating? Shifting to a lower gear increases fan and water pump speed, causing heat to be removed more quickly. Do a coolant flush with a cleaner and see if it improves.

richomak 06-28-2016 11:01 AM

1981 Chevy Travel Craft Class C
It does fine on level ground or small hills, but if I"m pulling a long hill or pass it will get hot and stall out. I will flush the raidiator. The fuel lines are on the outside of the frame going along the passenger side of RV.When I purchased the RV it has a new fuel filter under where the electric tank selector switch is. I think there is one in the carberator where the fuel line goes into the carb its a round copper looking piece.I"m going to Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri to be with my childern and grand children, I just retired this month. Want the RV in good shape before leaving.

richomak 06-28-2016 04:04 PM

test drive
going for a test drive after I cool off from flushing and putting new antifreeze in.

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