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aksafariman 07-27-2016 05:45 PM

03 CC Alure 370 Question
Hello all,

We are/will be looking at an 03 Allure, Cummins 370 JB, 36' Sun River First Ave, with 81000 miles. Looking at all the pictures of the coach and information supplied by the owner (original) it appears the coach has been well care for.

Any suggestions on specific items I should plan to check or look at. If all goes well, we may be able to see the coach tomorrow afternoon..

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestion.

Bill Brown
Previously owned a 99 36' Intrigue Galley Slide, w/Cummins 350

smlranger 07-28-2016 02:40 PM

Sorry but can't help with anything specific to the 03 Allure. Since you have previously owned a coach, you know to check the important stuff like any evidence of water leaks, fiberglass checking or delamination, condition of roof sealant, tire and battery age, and evidence that it has been maintained properly. We've bought 3 class A motorhomes, all used. I refused to look at any coach where the seller could not provide evidence that required maintenance was done.

CC Driver 07-29-2016 05:36 PM

Same engine and tranny as mine. Check CAPS fuel pump for leak, check the lift pump for leaks, check exhaust manifold for cracks/breaks, get fluid samples for all. Check air system is not cycling every min or so at idle. This indicates a leak or worse. I've owned mine since new and those are the areas I've had issues with. If aqua hot/hurricane check for operation regardless of OAT.

Good luck and welcome to Country Coach ownership. A great coach IMHO...

aksafariman 07-31-2016 09:22 AM

Unfortunately the coach turned out to be a dog. The owner had obviously drove the coach really hard and really didn't have the know how to care for the coach properly. As the saying goes, It had been rode hard and put away wet, way too many times. Thanks all for your support. I am still looking.


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