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RoysRV 08-16-2016 10:40 AM

1994 HR Holding Tank Sizes???
Good morning all! I wanted to see if ANYONE had size and dimensions of the gray and black tanks for a 1994 Holiday Rambler Imperial?

I need to replace both of my tanks (gray and black), and I'm trying my best to locate size and dimensions, but am not having any luck searching anywhere!

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks again!

PS Has anyone else done this job on an older HR coach?


ahicks 08-16-2016 12:45 PM

If I were faced with that job, I'd likely pull the tanks to know what I need. Not going to be fun for sure. To change, I would start by pulling the toilet, and then the closet flange and pipe leading into the tank. Find the vent pipe leading to that tank, and do what ever is necessary to remove it from the top of the tank. Same story on the grey. Remove the inlet and vent from the top of the tank. From there I can't be much help. Too many different possibilities.

New tanks generally come with the outlets installed, but no inlets. You'll need to transfer the dimensions for those from the old tanks and install your own.

Though certainly possible, maybe not the best DIY project for most people. Access to the various tank manf. catalogs might be pretty important, and then, something that's just pretty close may have to be modified to work.....

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