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kenlanning 08-22-2016 05:44 PM

Hot Water Pressure Winnebago Minnie 2004
One month Winne:cool:bago Minnie owner and I have a situation and it is driving me crazy. If I use water from my holding tank, I have great pressure for my hot water. If I use the RV site water connection I get a very weak flow. I am guessing there is a valve that I am not finding or aware of. There is one valve under the fridge, two vales under the bed (doesn't effect hor water flow I think) and one under the batchroom sink (again control winter drain). Anyone with a suggestion?

mojoracing 08-22-2016 06:13 PM

My hot water flow is effected by the backflow preventer on the output side of the hot water heater. When I remove it, the hot water flows much better. Turns out it was defective and a new one solved the problem. Being as yours works well on pump, not sure if it would be the same issue.

OLYLEN 08-24-2016 09:19 PM

Are you using the valve in the wet bay near where you hookup the shore water? One way fills the water tank the other way gives shore water into the faucet system. And there is always a possibility it is not working correctly.


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