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cableguy574 09-16-2016 05:39 AM

Entry Door
Does anyone know who makes the front door & the top hinge that holds the door open. for a 2008 National Pacifica

2008 National Pacifica V36a

bigdog 09-18-2016 12:15 AM

I am getting ready to replace my front door as it is leaking inside from someplace that I am unable to find and is full of rust. I have looked several places online and have found them on Amazon and Ebay both. They are around $360 and seem to be a standard cut door. You just need to measure your old door and get the whole unit. One of our friends has a body shop and I will order it sent to his place and all he's going to charge is labor for pulling the old one and installing the new one.

TOM356C 09-18-2016 06:01 AM

PTL makes the door hinge and related door parts. There are 2 hinges on the website. Not cheap! If you are having trouble with the hinge, take it off and repair yourself. My hinge would not hold door open. I put it in a vice and squeezed the little ears together. Also, peened the pivot pin to tighten the hinge a little more. Tom 07 Pacifica.

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