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strandt 09-28-2016 05:21 PM

Power Gear Hydraulic Reservoir Fell off 1999 Tradewinds
On a recent trip shortly after a very bumpy stretch of highway, a "Jacks Down" alarm sounded. After pulling over and inspecting, the Hydraulic Reservoir tank fell off the pump due to the vibrations. I lost the tank and level sensor on the highway and did not go back to look for it.

This appears to not be uncommon :
Falling Off

Similar issues and repairs

I can not seem to find a part number or identify any place that will sell just the tank?

I believe i have a 500210 controller and think i have the 500385 12,000 lb legs, but don't know the pump part number.

Can anyone point me to parts, or part numbers?

DKStall 09-28-2016 05:52 PM

I think your Power Gear part number will be 0500507

I would try these folks:
2000 National Tradewinds Motorhome Wrecked For Parts, National RV Motorhome Obsolete RV Parts For

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