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Elatta1954 10-12-2016 08:12 PM

Fall/Cold weather traveling question
We have a 2012 Crossroads Rushmore 35RL and this is my first year ownership of this unit. :dance:
DW and I are planning a trip in the last week of Oct. when traveling in colder weather do we need to winterize before traveling. This will be our first fall trip in this RV. Obviously no one knows what the weather will be at that time. Shouldn't be terribly frigid but how much can the system handle going down the road? :confused:

Bucky1320 10-12-2016 08:18 PM

I personally wouldn't worry about it. Unless you get some really weird weather for late october, you won't have sustained sub 30 degree hours at night. Even if you do, your basement and plumbing are topped with a nice warm body of air, and surrounded by walls and maybe some insulation, which slow the cooling. I would really like to get a hiking weekend in yet this season, but don't have any locations reasonably close that are calling me.

Elatta1954 10-12-2016 08:22 PM

It ain't close, (500 miles) but I feel the calling:thumb:

Texastbird 10-14-2016 10:41 AM

If it is forecasted for really cold temps, you could turn the heater on.

FaithBowls 10-15-2016 08:51 PM

I think you misunderstand what winterizing means - it's filling the water system with antifreeze when your rv is not in use. If you're using it, you don't winterize. If you're worried about your water system freezing, you can add heating pads to the tanks. Or of it's just moderate cold just use your heater to prevent freezing. Usually there's heating ducts going to the basement to keep things from freezing.

bluepill 10-15-2016 09:00 PM

In colder weather I just bring along 4 gallons of RV anti-freeze, so I can winterize on the road if temps get too low. After winterizing, I just use bottled water for any further travel.

campnfool 10-16-2016 08:04 AM

We've traveled several times in the late fall and early spring with the 5er winterized.. We just use bottled water and pour some antifreeze down the drains to keep them from freezing. Have had no problems

wingnut60 10-18-2016 09:48 PM

If the batteries are charged and propane is full, should be no problem with placing the thermostat on lowest setting (40d?) and driving that way. The furnace should operate ok as the temps drop.
Thats just for traveling. If you are stopped and in a campground, using electricity you are paying for anywhere to run space heaters is what we do to keep it livable.
Most freezing problems only pop up over sustained below 32d temps--it has to drop to several degrees below that for a protected enclosure to have a problem, altho a water line in contact with the outside wall can freeze.
Have camped many times when night temps drop to 25-30, and the only real problem is the water supply hose.

rarebear.nm 10-18-2016 10:08 PM

Some rigs will weather cold better than others, depends on many factors. If you have a four season unit you should be good with a little thought. Portable heaters, either electric or propane (like Mr Heater Big Buddy and the like) are great to reduce the run time of the furnace and propane usage. A propane furnace typically uses a lots of fuel and 12v power. However, keep in mind your basement area plumbing and holding tanks rely on warm air from the furnace to keep from freezing in cold weather. If the lows dips only to 30 or so for a couple of hours you "should" be fine without heating the basement. If its colder for a longer time heating maybe required. Your own milage with this will vary with your rig, wind and other factors. You might want to consider placing a remote temperature probe (like a La Crosse) in the basement near your plumbing and monitor it as the temperature drops.

You can buy heated water supply hoses to prevent the supply line from freezing. You may also want to wrap the hydrant with a heat tape. The park may or may not like this.

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