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CP140 07-09-2017 02:23 PM

Trouble Finding Parts For 2 Step Awning
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I purchased a used Class A RV last fall and have been having a problem with the main awning. The first owner had window and patio awnings installed after them purchased the unit from the dealer. The main awning has lots of tension but after it is opened any bump will send it back in, so there appears to be a problem with the ratcheting gears but no one can tell me the number of the torsion assembly. The dealer contact Dometic and confirmed that the model number is 700EA14.400B but can't provide us with a replacement part number or the original part number. The awning would have been from around 2000 - 2002. Does anyone know of a place that may sell used older parts? I have tried looking on the internet but can't find a torsion assembly with the same end that goes into the awning arm. I have enclosed a picture of the section. Any help would be appreciated.


veraken 07-10-2017 06:54 AM

Here is a list of RV parts/salvage places where you might find what you need.

Henderson, Denver, Aurora, Colorado, Adventurer Eagle Cap, Northstar, Truck Camper, Dealer, Used, Service, Parts, Financing, Salvage, Accessories
Northwest RV Supply
Air outlet grills and defrost grills
Northwest RV Supply Northwest RV Supply
Veurinks RV (Sue) 616-965-9619
Bontrager's Surplus RV and Mobile Home Supplies
RV Misc
RV Surplus
Sullivan RV Sales and Service
Alliance coach, Wildwood FL
Factory RV Surplus

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