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busyguy 08-15-2017 07:17 PM

Dues at Air Force NCO Clubs
I have been trying to stop paying dues at the Dyess AFB NCO Club, Tried every way I know how to contact someone who can do this.
Stopped payment thru the CC and they are still taking my money. New set up now called Members Planet and my dues just jumped up to $7.00 from $3.00 that I have been paying for the last 15 years.
I moved to Ga from TX and there are no clubs close and I am to old to use them anyway.
Anybody on here have a solution. The phone numbers and email addresses I have tried have not worked.

okcnewbie 08-16-2017 07:00 AM

I would change my name and go into Witness Protection......

In all seriousness, go to your bank and explain that you have called and cancelled your membership and they are still taking the money out.

Man, I wish I had your problems......

davismills 08-16-2017 07:09 AM

I dropped out of the AF club years ago when they forced us to use credit cards versus the regular club cards.

busyguy 08-16-2017 08:41 AM

club dues
Its not a big problem. More annoying than anything else. However there is no way to contact these people and stop payment. I have disputed the payments with the CC company. Will see if that does it.
Thanks for your replies

flywithcoop 08-18-2017 07:44 AM

You could cancel the credit card and get a different one. I receive credit card offers by mail all the time.

Hit_the_Rhod 08-18-2017 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by flywithcoop (Post 3758370)
You could cancel the credit card and get a different one. I receive credit card offers by mail all the time.

Call you bank, tell them that it is an unauthorized charge, if they won't remove it, have them cancel your current card and re-issue with a new number. The club will not have the new number, and the charges will be declined. Eazy Peazy.

Note: I too opted out of the club system long ago when they made obtaining a club credit card a condition of membership. Had to go up before my CO and explain that not only did I not want a credit card, but paying monthly dues for a club that served mediocre food for high prices in an environment that smelled of spilled beer, carpet deodorizer and vomit was not my idea of a good value!

mrt_1111 08-18-2017 01:00 PM

Been a long time since I been in a military club, but I thought they were run by AAFES.

Hawk43 08-18-2017 01:33 PM

(MWR). Morale, Welfare, Recreation. A non-Appropriated Fund = no taxpayer Monet. Self sufficient.

busyguy 08-19-2017 09:20 AM

AF Club Dues
Thanks to all who responded to my post.
I finally got in touch with MemberPlanet. They are the one's now running the AF Clubs memberships.
I sent them several emails and never got any response. The 800 number always has a busy signal. Tried it 50 times over a 3 day period.
I finally got the phone number off the billing address on my credit card.
For anyone who needs it the number is 888-298-8845.
I wasn't so upset about paying the dues as I was about not being able to contact anyone who would stop them. Really frustrating.
Thanks again and I hope this helps anyone else who is trying to stop paying dues for something they can't use.

Rom 08-24-2017 12:06 AM

Dues at Air Force NCO Clubs
Navy Guy here - please enlighten me about paying dues on Air Force NCO Clubs. We never have that in the Navy as far as I can remember (retired in 1996). Even our Chief's Club (E7-E9) didn't charge any dues, at least as what I can remember.

Any Army servicemembers here - do you also pay dues on your NCO Clubs?

busyguy 08-30-2017 02:13 PM

NCO Club Dues
Did 21 plus years in the AF and always pad club dues. Wasn't much but you either paid or could not use the clubs on base.
I quit after I retired and then when I retired again from trucking and moved to Abilene TX, Dyess AFB is there so I joined again and there was a nice club on base and being retired my dues were $3.00 per month. Paid by credit card.
I think in about 2011 the club closed and there were very few benefits to being a member.
I moved to Ga in Oct last year and decided I didn"t need to belong anymore and that is what my post was about.Was really hard trying to find the correct people to stop the payments.
Finally got it done.
Thanks for your Navy Time. I always enjoyed visiting Navy bases. Did a lot of space A travel with the Navy out of Ft Worth.

LEHAFER 10-16-2017 12:15 PM

I am retired Navy and belong to the Air Force Club on MacDill AFB in Tampa FL. My dues went from $9.00 a month to $18.00 a month. I wouldn't complain but I live in Charlton, Ma. And its true that we never had club dues in the Navy while I was in from 1958 until 1978.

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