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CAUTION GONNA FLY 05-30-2008 07:10 PM

in the event something happens that i cant fix on the road. Who do ya recamend for road side insurance . I have progressive as of now..What are your expierences with RSA??

CAUTION GONNA FLY 05-30-2008 07:10 PM

in the event something happens that i cant fix on the road. Who do ya recamend for road side insurance . I have progressive as of now..What are your expierences with RSA??

Rick Long 05-30-2008 07:47 PM

RV's require special handling by tow trucks. Most motorhomes can't be towed unless you disconnect the drive line... This is NOT a time to take a chance... Make sure they know what they're doing or it could cost you big bucks. I use Good Sam RV Emergancy Road Service. It's not expensive.

RV Wizard 05-30-2008 11:17 PM

Since we are also members of Family Motor Coach Association, we use their Roadside assistance program. They have been there when we needed them; a blown tire on RV, unlock keys in car, and for a blown tire on the truck (wife was driving) and needed help geting spare put on. The tire blew out north of Phoenix on labor day. Called FMCA and had them bring me a tire and have it installed. I was back on the road in 2 hours.

NeilV 05-31-2008 12:17 AM

I can't tell you who but can tell you who not to go with - AAA RV. I had a right rear outer blowout from a road hazard two weeks ago while on a state highway.

It took 1 1/2 hour to get the first truck out there and they did not have the tools required to do the job and wanted to chance running the inner wheel up on a 1 foot long square ended 4X4 so they could remove the lugs and change out the outer after destoying the simulator. They also wanted me to sign a waiver as they were going to damage things and the coach could roll down an embankment if the inner wheel flipped off the lugs or the tire blew from going over the square edge of the 4X4.

I did not sign and had to wait an additional 3 hours for a real tire service truck which cost me $200. They were done 15 minutes after they arrive as they had steel plates, railroad ties, jacks, tools and a large compressor. They put a good sized steel plate and a few railroad ties under the right rear HWH jack and had me raise the coach off the ground with the rear jacks.

AAA RV is marketed for RV's so they should have service companies capable of serviceing RV's in their network however they do not and if I hadn't refused their initial responder I would have chanced the loss of my coach.

I am looking for another road side assistance company.

UPS 34 05-31-2008 03:37 AM

We have Coach net
I have used them one time with great service. I have a lot of frends that have them and also love it. I think Winny and Monaco give a year free when you buy new.

Bob N Deb 05-31-2008 06:00 AM

I currently have coach net I havent used it yet
I had AAA RV for years but the price kept creeping up and it was only good for the vehicle I was driving and a limit on the number of calls per net covers me my wife and 2 kids in college and they said no limit on calls. I have used the AAA about once a year I don't expect to push the limit I just like that everyone is covered for less money.and from what I have heard here coach net is as good as anyone else .

historyljc 05-31-2008 07:27 AM

I have carried Good Sam since I purchased my motorhome. My sister, who had full timed for several years, had used them with great success. I have not had occasion to use them myself.

Izzyblueye 05-31-2008 07:42 AM

I have found "Good Sam" and "Coach Net" to be good reliable service companies. They do what they say they will do and quick. Comparable prices.

CoastieSCPO 06-01-2008 02:29 PM

Over the years, Good Sam ERS has assisted us several times, each involving tire issues and performed as advertised. We have had our Class A rig towed twice, both times under warranty, arranged by Workhorse and towed to a Workhorse authorized facility. Both times, the driver disconnected the drive line. There was no question in his mind or mine. GS ERS has been worth it.


Kazoo Tom 06-01-2008 04:47 PM

Good Sam and Coach-Net are both reliable and have good reputations. We have had Coach-net for several years and used them a few times. Once even on a personal car (not RV). the service was great and gave me now reason to change. If you look hard enough you will find complaints about both. We choose Coach-Net as they specialize in RV's, have service techs to answer questions on the phone, and promise to prequalify service providers and assure they have the equipment to do the job.

full-timer 06-02-2008 05:37 AM

I've had "Good Sam" and have used them several times. They have been good for me.


Bill1374 06-02-2008 08:27 AM

Had Coachnet for several years now and have been very satisfied with their service. They even covered a towing expense that I wasn't sure they would. I'll definitely keep my renewal.


CAUTION GONNA FLY 06-03-2008 03:10 PM

Thanks for all the input folks. GOOD SAM IT IS FOR ME!!! My brother in law towed a smaller class c today about 65 miles to Tom johnson Camping Center in Charlotte N C area.665 bucks... including hook up , etc. The guy said his company was the cheapest he had found!!!

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