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Captsilvio 04-07-2008 04:46 PM

I have a new 07 Country Coach Inspire 36ft coach that drives horrible. It wanders and has a delay in the steering. It has been aligned 3 time and had a new hydraulic pump installed that drives the steering gear box, all to no avail. At this point Country Coach can offer no help. What to do? Anyone have a similar problem?

Captsilvio 04-07-2008 04:46 PM

I have a new 07 Country Coach Inspire 36ft coach that drives horrible. It wanders and has a delay in the steering. It has been aligned 3 time and had a new hydraulic pump installed that drives the steering gear box, all to no avail. At this point Country Coach can offer no help. What to do? Anyone have a similar problem?

footdoc 04-07-2008 05:36 PM

If yours is the only Inspire that drives that way and CC admits it, then it's up to THEM to make it right by what ever means is needed, including replacing the coach if it has been like that since delivery...

CaptBill 04-07-2008 06:09 PM

I'm sorry to hear about the poor handling. That model CC is one that we have been considering, but I have to admit that I never driven one.

Did yours handle like this since you bought it? Did you notice any problems during the test drive? I think it is possible that something as simple (but expensive) as the tires, could cause bad handling. And I don't necessarily mean just tire pressures, although that is the first thing to check. Also 4 corner weights should be checked.

I am not an advocate of throwing after-market products at problems, but there is an exceptionally good product/company called Henderson Lineup, who makes a product that could very likely solve your problem if the other approaches don't. Here's a link.

Good luck, & please come back & keep us posted.

RV Wizard 04-07-2008 10:57 PM

Captsilvio, welcome to Sorry to hear of the poor handling issue on the CC. I am adding a shortcut to the Country Coach Owners Forum in hopes to get you more exposure and maybe some help. What part of the country are you in right now? Good luck and keep us posted as to the fix.

Gary RVRoamer 04-08-2008 06:49 AM

One of the premier outfits for motorhome handling problems is available to you in the Northwest - Henderson's Line-up in Grants Pass, OR. Ask Country Coach to authorize the price of having Henderson's analyze the handling problem and finding its cause. Don't take no for an answer - they owe you a proper handling coach and if they can't fix it they should pay for the experts who can.

Hendersons are real pros - they will go far beyond the usual alignment service and will test & measure everything in the front & rear suspension and steering to find out why it does not track as it should.

Redlands Truck and RV 04-08-2008 07:12 AM

We address all handleing issues with a visual mechanical inspection, ride height measurement and weights on all 4 corners. We then test drive it with you, the customer to confirm the issues you are having. We carry a full line of products that can offer solutions but the inspection and testing must be done first. If you feel you have steering issue we can test flow and pressures at the box to give you an idea how it's performing. Bottom line you won't leave our shop without satisfaction.

As a sponsor here on IRV2 I would ask you look to either Brazels RV when you are in the Northwest or us, Redlands Truck and RV when in the Southwest. Both shops support IRV2, and you can find us most FMCA conventions in the West.


GaryKD 04-08-2008 03:42 PM

My coach started out like your coach. Now it drives great. Before making any suggestions, can you tell us:
1. How does the coach drive when on a good quality road, with no side winds and no trucks passing you?
2. How does the coach drive when it is being hit with winds from either side?
3. How does the coach drive when being passed by any size vehicle from a car to a large 18 wheeler?
4. How does the coach drive on a road of poor quality?
5. Is the wandering noticed at all speeds or just highway (50+ MPH) speeds?

recurry 04-11-2008 05:43 PM


Country Coach's are one of the best handling coaches out there so your comments are unusual. I drove around 20 different brands and models of class A DP coaches in the 36-40 foot size when we bought our last coach and none handled as well as the Country Coach's. Ok, off my soap box.

Let's see if we can shed more light on your problem.

First, what are you used to driving? I moved up from a Fleetwood with a P32 chassis and the CC was a HUGE improvement. If you are comparing to an automobile you will be someone disappointed although I will say my 36' Allure drives like a big SUV in most respects (except length).

Second, how much air do you have in your tires?

Third, When you say it wanders and has a delay in the steering can you quantify or provide more details?

I would guess that if CC is saying they can't do anything more than there may be a driver experience issue. Please no offense but there just can't be that much wrong with a CC especially a new one so driver experience cannot be ruled out until we know what yours is. Your's is the first ever post I've seen about a poor handling CC so I'm very surprised.

One thing I did find on my 2002 that helped with big bumps was to replace my KONI adjustables with KONI FSD's. That made a noticeable improvement on handing big bumps on an already excellent handling coach but your 2007 already has FSD's.

Can you provide a bit more info? Maybe we can help.

Geobuff 04-11-2008 06:42 PM


I feel your pain. I have a Monaco Knight 2006 and for the past 1 1/2 years have had problems with the steering. Sounds just like your problem. The worst thing is all the dealers and factory folks want to blame it on you, the most famous poppycock being "well this is a truck. what do you expect. It doesn't drive like a car you know." I even heard that from the factory after they spend 2 days looking at the problem, aligning it, and deciding it was my inexperience (first time coach owner).

Well it is NOT your problem. It is a coach problem. I was on another website searching for answers and kept coming across folks with similar problems who were swearing that Josam Truck and Frame in Orlando solved their problem. Of course I was skeptical, but was at wits end after spending several thousand installing Koni shocks, sway bars, etc. trying to fix the problem. I literally make a special trip to Orlando, and in 1 hour at Josam, my problem was fixed. For the first time since I purchased the coach it drove straight as an arrow.

The Josam folks told me they get 1-2 RV's a day from all over the USA who come there to specifically fix these type of problems. The problem is other alignment shops and especially the factory does not know how to set these machines up. They all go by the factory specs which say for example that anything between 1 and 4 mm tow-in is within specs. The Monaco factory found my coach to be within those specs (near the 1mm tow-in) and said I was fine. Josam told me that my coach needs 3.6-3.8 mm tow-in or it will not track straight. Boy, were they right. Hardly anyone knows that. There were similar issues with camber.

The bottom line is I am so pleased. I love driving now instead of dreading a trip. This whole thing should have never happened and I am still upset that dealers and factory folks are so lame. I know that this is not the answer for every driving issue, but it was mine.

Sincerely: Geobuff in Houston

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