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dlduck 08-01-2018 02:02 PM

Dolphin Lubrication Points
As you can see from my signature block, I have a 2006 Dolphin with the Ford V-10 chassis and I have a question on lube points. I looked on line and it shows me a diagram of the 2006 Ford V-10 having 9 zerks, or lube points up front of the chassis. Does anybody else do their own lubes and am I missing any other locations that need to be addressed? This will be the first time I have attempted to do this. I have purchased a tube of Super Tech Moly-Lithium grease at Walmart and this type of product is for use on automotive ball and roller bearings, bushings, slides, chassis points, ball joints, U-joints, backing plates and more. Is this the best or correct type of grease I should be using or something else? I am a rookie at this and I am trying to learn and do as much as possible on my own.

Thanks for any guidance and suggestions,

Waiter21 08-01-2018 02:08 PM

Yup, That grease will work. You have 9 points on the front end. The one on top of the steering box is the one people usually miss or can't find.

Also, look carefully at your u-joints, Some have grease fitting, some don't..

Paper towels, I usually squeeze until I see new grease. Wipe the old grease off or you'll have a mess.

twinboat 08-01-2018 02:14 PM

The grease you have is fine.

Find the 9 fitting in the front and then crawl under the back and look at the drive shaft. Some will have fittings and some will not.

Look at the 3 U joints and the slip joint in the middle.

LeeSoCal 08-08-2018 11:03 AM

Grease fitting
Could you elaborate more on the grease fitting that is on top of the steering box. I can't find one on my rig.

Richard S. 08-08-2018 11:09 AM

It's on the FORD chassis

John Wayne 08-09-2018 02:12 PM

And while your down there don't forget to check the trans fluid level on the e-brake unit at the end of the transmission. The zerk fitting on the steering box is towards the top on the same side as the gear that comes out for the steering rod.

Waiter21 08-09-2018 02:25 PM


Could you elaborate more on the grease fitting that is on top of the steering box. I can't find one on my rig.
Look where the control arm comes out the side of the steering box. Its right there, facing forward.. It may have a rubber plug and is hard to see

rjsupersonic 08-10-2018 07:55 AM

You may need an adapter for your grease gun as I recall one fitting is hard to access the adapter I have allows horizontal access.

mr. seaview 09-01-2018 03:20 PM

her twin boat

other than the fitting of top of the steering box can u tell me where the other 8 fittings
are in the front ? thanks i need to grease them all as i have never had them greased.

thanks for your time.

Richard S. 09-01-2018 05:29 PM

Go to this link post #9

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