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3HrTour 10-22-2018 03:42 PM

Dash radio and the front speakers
I recently bought a 2001 Mountain Aire DP.
It has a relay under the dash that switches the front speakers from the dash radio to the entertainment receiver which is in the upper cabinet passenger side. This is all easy enough except I can not use the dash radio unless the key is in the on position. Radio works but the speakers are off (eg the speaker relay is off).
It would seam logical to me that the relay and therefore the radio would work in the accessory key position much like a car. It does not. In fact the only thing that seems to work off the accessory key position is the leveler jacks.
I can't even find a wire that is live with the accessory position.
Is there something I'm missing? Maybe a fuse or a jumper?
I also noticed there is a switch on the left hand counsel for rear camera. It makes no difference to the operation of the rear camera or radio. On my winnebago this switch would have been used to connect the radio to the house batteries and allow the radio to play all day without drainig the start battery.
Thanks for your help

Craig36 11-01-2018 01:30 PM

I would talk to Newmar. They can send you diagrams.

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